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Thiruvalla: Three records were set on the second day of the 53rd State school athletic meet at the Public Stadium here on Wednesday.

On a day when athletes returned mediocre timings in sprint events, the saving grace came in the form of meet records in the throw events — discus and shot put— and in 5km walk.

Nikhil Neethin of HSS Kalladi (Palakkad) broke one of the long standing records when he set a new mark in the sub-junior boys shot put event. Nikhil, who had set a new National record in junior athletic meet in Warangal recently, carried his good form to this meet. Nikhil’s last throw of 13.19m was good enough to break Baby Joseph’s old mark (12.76m), set in 1989.

Ijas impresses

Ijas Mohammed of Mar Basil HSS Kothamagalam and representing the Ernakulam district beat Tuesday’s record holder V.P. Alfin in the senior boys discus throw event and set a new record in the process. The strongly-built Ijas broke the existing mark in his first attempt (38.48m) and later improved it to 38.69 in his last attempt. Ijas erased Ervin T.Joys old mark (38.11), set in 2007.

In the morning, K.M. Meeshma of GHSS (Manakar) walked her way to the record in 5km senior girls section. Meeshma stayed with the lead bunch and pulled ahead in the business end of the race. Meeshma clocked 24:28.3 seconds to break V.S. Sandhyas (25:28.9s), set last year.

At the end of competitions on the second day, Ernakulam Education district was leading the points table with 110 points ahead of Ernakulam with 86. Kozhikode was third with 40 points.

In general schools category, Mar Basil HSS (Kothamangalam) was leading the table with 66 points followed by St. George HSS (Kothamangalam) with 36 points. In sports division, G.V. Raja Sports School was ahead with 81 points followed by GVHSS, Kannur with 43 points.

The results (General Schools): Boys: Seniors: 100m: 1. Sujith Kuttan (Ekm), 2. O.S. Sujith (Ktm), 3. Tony John (Ekm), (11.3s); 400m: 1. C.D. Unnikrishnan (Alp), 2. M. Unnikuttan (Tvm), 3. K. Lukmal Hakim (Ekm) (49.44s); 1500m: 1. C.B. Vipin (Pkd), 2. C.P. Shiju (Ekm), 3. M. Rejil (Wyd), (4:13.34); 5km walk: 1. K.R. Roshil (Pkd), 2. S. Sarath Babu (Pkd), 3. E.H. Faisal (Mlp), (22m, 22.1); Discus: 1. Ijas Mohammed (Ekm), 2. V.P. Alfin (Tvm), 3. P.B. Anadhu (Ekm), (38.69-NMR; OR-38.11, Ervin T. Joy, Ernakulam, 2007).

Juniors: 100m: 1. Jijin Vijayan (Ktm), 2. Tins K.Thomas (Ekm), 3.T.Afsal (Mlp), (11.4s); 400m: 1. Sounder Raj (Ekm), 2. M.M. Pramod (Pkd), 3. Lijo Mani (Pkd), (51.22s); 1500m: 1. Lijo Mani (Pkd), 2. F. Jijomon (Ekm), 3. Abin Baby (Idu) (4:13.72); Long jump: 1. Jijin Vijayan (Ktm), 2. Amal V. Kumar (Ktm), 3. Bright K. Devasia (Ekm), (6.56m); Shot put: 1. Jibin Reji (Ekm), 2. C.Priyesh (Ekm), 3. Akshay Sreemon (Ktm), (12.44m).

Sub-juniors: 100m: 1. Salbin Joseph (Kzde), 2. A.Sudeesh (Ekm), 3. Abdul Hameed (Pkd), (12.06s); 400m: 1. Salbin Joseph (Kzde), 2. Abdul Hameed (Pkd), 3. Anas Babu (Mlp) (54.07s); High jump: 1. V.V. Aswan (Pkd), 2. V. Murukesh (Wyd), 3. K. Mani (Wyd), (1.56m); Shot put: 1. Nikhil Neethin (Pkd), 2. Shinas (Kzde), 3. T. Akhil Babu (Alp) (13.19m NMR; OR 12.76m, Baby Joseph, Tvm, 1989).

Girls: Seniors: 100m: 1. Swathi Prabha (Kzde), 2. Sonia Thomas (Ekm), 3. Rintu Mathew (Ekm), (12.77s); 400m: 1. Aswathi Mohanan (Kzde), 2. Princy Mary (Ekm), 3. N.V. Sheena (Ekm), (56.77m); 1500m: 1. Desty Sunny (Ekm), 2. Nijamol Joseph (Idu), 3. Therese Joseph (Kzde), (4:53.6s); 5km walk: 1. K.M. Meeshma (Pkd), 2. Beksy Sebastian (Knr), 3. R. Jijimol (Pkd), (24m:28.3s NMR; OR 25m:2.89, V.S. Sandhya, Pkd, 2008); Javelin: 1. Tinu Raju (Ekm), 2. Asha Thomas (Ekm), 3. K. Anoosha (Ekm), (33.10m).

Juniors: 100m: G. Lavannya (Pkd), 2. Anju Varghese (Kzde), 3. Anu Thomas (Ekm), (12.76s); 400m: 1. Anju Varghese (Kzde), 2. T.S. Chippy (Ekm), 3. Anilda Thomas (Ekm), (58.55s); 1500m: 1. K.K.Vidya (Pkd), 2. P.U.Chitra (Pkd), 3. M.D. Thara (Pkd), (4:51.26s); Long jump: 1. Jeny Mol Joy (Ktm), 2. Melby T.Mauel (Ekm), 3. T.M.Pooja (Kzde), (5.24m); Javelin: 1. P.S. Jayalakshmi (Ekm), 2. Neenu Thomas (Ktm), 3. C.K. Prajitha (Mlp), (29.21m)

Sub-juniors: 100m: 1. Sandra Sathyan (Ekm), 2. Aksa Joy (Kzde), 3. Dona Shibu (Ekm), (13.46s); 400m: 1. Neethu Sabu (Idu), 2. Sandra Sathyan (Ekm), 3. Souparnika (Kzde), (1:1.50s); High jump: 1. P.G. Angeetha (Pkd), 2. Aswathy Shajan (Ekm), 3. S.Shilpa (Pkd), (1.40m).

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