NEW DELHI: Host India had to endure the agony of not winning a single medal as two of the women teams failed to clinch the issue in the third place play-off in the international invitational lawn bowling championship here on Saturday.

The Indian trio of Tania Choudhury, Pinki and Rupa Rani Tirkey, which had topped the league table, first lost the semifinal to England, and later the play-off for the bronze rather tamely to Malaysia.

No third place

The Indian women's pair of Manisha Kumari and Arzoo Rani fought for the bronze against Scotland but went down 7-7, 6-11. The duo had lost the semifinals to South Africa 1-16, 5-7.

Faranza Khan finished sixth in the women's singles, as she lost narrowly to Claire Johnston of Scotland 8-8, 6-7. The Indian men had finished at the bottom earlier.

Safuan Said and Siti Zalina Binti Ahmad of Malaysia won the men's and women's singles titles respectively.

England had the distinction of winning both the men's and women's triples gold medals ahead of New Zealand and Australia, while South Africa and New Zealand split the pairs gold medals.

The results: Men: Singles: Final: Safuan Bin Said (Mas) bt Ali Forsyth (Nzl) 9-8, 10-4. Third place: Paul Foster (Sco) bt Gary Kelly (NIR) 8-6, 10-7. Semifinals: Safuan Bin Said bt Gary Kelly (NIR) 10-1, 14-3; Ali Forsyth bt Paul Foster (Sco) 9-6, 7-8, 4-1.

Pairs: Final: Richard Collett & Dan Dlaney (Nzl) bt Brett Wilkie & Aron Sherriff (Aus) 9-5, 9-8. Third place: Mervyn King & Stuart Airey (Eng) bt Gerry Baker & Brian Dixon (RSA) 8-7, 9-8. Semifinals: Australia bt England 8-7, 9-8; New Zealand bt South Africa 13-4, 6-12, 4-0.

Triples: Final: Mark Bantock, Graham Shadwell, Robert Newman (Eng) bt Andrew Todd, Andrew Kelly, Richard Girvan (Nzl) 6-4, 9-2. Third place: Mark Berghofer, Wayne Turley, Mark Casey (Aus) bt Paul Daly, Martin McHugh, Neil Booth (NIR) 12-4, 11-5. Semifinals: New Zealand bt Australia 6-6, 10-3; England bt Northern Ireland 10-5, 9-5.

Women: Singles: Final: Siti Zalina Binti Ahmad (Mas) bt Kelsey Cottrell (Aus) 9-4, 10-1; Third place: Val Smith (Nzl) bt Helen Grundlingh (RSA) 10-3, 9-2. Semifinals: Kelsey Cottrell bt Helen Grundlingh (RSA) 8-7, 9-8; Siti Zalina Binti Ahmad bt Val Smith (Nzl) 11-9, 11-2. Fifth place: Claire Johnston (Sco) bt Faranza Khan (Ind) 8-8, 7-6.

Pairs: Final: Colleen Webb, Brunhilda Rossouw (RSA) bt Lynsey Armitage, Natasha Van Eldik (Aus) 8-6, 7-6. Third place: Caroline Brown, Margaret Letam (Sco) bt Manisha Kumari, Arzoo Rani (Ind) 7-7, 11-6. Semifinals: Australia bt Scotland 12-6, 11-3; South Africa bt India 16-1, 7-5.

Triples: Final: Jamie Lea Winch, Sian Gordon, Sandra Hazell (Eng) bt Sharyn Renshaw, Claire Duke, Beth Quinlan (Aus) 5-13, 8-7, 4-3. Third place: Emma Firyana Bt Saroji, Nur Fidrah Bt Noh, Azlina Bt Arshad (Mas) bt Tania Choudhury, Pinki, Rupa Rani Tirkey (Ind) 1-3, 11-0. Semifinals: England bt India 12-10, 12-4; Australia bt Malaysia 9-7, 7-7 .

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