CHENNAI: Chennai Equitation Centre’s Aditya Krishna won the first two places with two different horses, Gautemala and Milady, in the jumping (105cms, Open) competition of the Chennai Horse show, which concluded here on Sunday.

The results:

Jumping (90cms): Category A (above 14 yrs): 1. Hari Viswanath (Safio) 29.24s, Madras Riding School, 2. Nishant Maller (Fox Trot) 31.17, Chennai Equitation Centre, 3. Isabelle Hasleder (Milady) 26.98, CEC.

Category B (below 14 yrs): 1. Anirudh (Wedding Girl) 56.38s, MRS, 2. Namrata (Sparky) 76.56, MRS, 3. Anirudh (Star of Ring) 76.99, MRS.

Jumping (105cms, Open): 1. Aditya Krishna (Gautemala) 39.63s, CEC, 2. Aditya Krishna (Milady) 46.39, CEC, 3. Ratan Kumar (Covington) 48.41, CEC.

Jumping (60cms): Category A: 1. Mouleeswaran (Loch Lomond) 25.61s, MRS, 2. N.V. Ravi (Safio) 26.47, MRS, 3. Joseph (Wedding Girl) 29.45, MRS.

Category B (below 14 yrs): 1. Anirudh (Wedding Girl) 50.24s, MRS, 2. Namrata (Sparky) 52.96, MRS, 3. Pratika Gopinath (Silent Boy) 54.17, CEC.

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