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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Bangalore University retained the overall title in the all-India inter-university aquatic championships at the Water Works Swimming pool here on Friday. Bangalore logged 160 points to finish ahead of Kerala (59) and Calicut (45).

Rehan Poncha with 10 gold and five silvers was the individual champion in the men's section while Shikha, who won nine gold and two silvers, won the honour in the women's section.

Five records were set on final day with Shikha Tandon setting two of them in women's 100m butterfly (1:08.04) and 50m freestyle (0:27.91) events.

Rehan Poncha also figured in the record books by setting a new mark in 100m butterfly (0:59.24).

Athul Krishnaraj (Kerala) edged out Poncha to become the fastest swimmer of the meet and in the process improved the meet record in 50m freestyle event. Athul clocked 24.53s to improve his own record set in the heats in the morning.

M. Mini (Calicut), who is the National champion in 50m breaststroke, broke the record in 100m breaststroke event, clocking 1:22.84s. Shikha's record-breaking effort came in the heats of the 50m freestyle event. Though she became the fastest women swimmer of the meet, Shikha could not better her own record.

The results:

Men: 50m freestyle: 1. S. Athul Krishnaraj (Kerala), 2. Rehan Poncha (Bangalore), 3. Rohith Barve (Pune) (0:24.53 - new meet record; old record - 0:25.11, Athul Krishnaraj, Kerala, in the heats); 100m breaststroke: 1. Rehan Poncha (Bangalore), 2. V. Abhishek (Bangalore), 3. N.A. Krishna (Visvesvaraya Technology), (1:12.81); 100m butterfly: 1. Rehan Poncha (Bangalore), 2. V. Abhishek (Bangalore), 3. K.C. Sreejith (Kerala), (0:59.24 - NMR; OR - 0:59.54, Ashwin Kumar, Visvesvaraya, 2004).

Women: 50m freestyle: 1. Shikha Tandon (Bangalore), 2. M. Manusha (Calicut), 3. Debolina Rajak (Calcutta), (0:28.56 - new meet record, 0:27.91, by Shikha Tandon in the heats); 100m breaststroke: 1. M. Mini (Calicut), 2. Shikha Tandon (Bangalore), 3. M.S. Divya (Bangalore), (1:22.84 - NMR; OR - 1:24.78, M. Mini, Calicut in heats); 100m butterfly: 1. Rehan Poncha (Bangalore), 2. V. Abhishek (Bangalore), 3. K.C. Sreejith (Kerala), (1:08.04 - NMR; OR - 1:09.85, Debolina Rajak, Calcutta, in the heats).

Water polo (final): Kerala bt Amaravathi 7-3.

Team championship: Men: 1. Bangalore (94), 2. Kerala (37), 3. Rajiv Gandhi (9). Women: 1. Bangalore (66), 2. Calicut (43), 3. Kerala (22).

Overall championship: 1. Bangalore (160), 2. Kerala (59), 3. Calicut (45).

Individual champions: Men: Rehan Poncha (56). Women: Shikha Tandon (59).

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