Coimbatore: Suresh Fives `A' won its league encounters with relative ease and emerged champion of the Bhagath Singh Memorial ball badminton (fives) district-level tournament organised by the Bhagath Singh Ball Badminton Club at the Bankers Colony ball badminton courts here recently. Suresh Fives `B' and Himalaya (Tirupur) finished for the next two places respectively.

The results (semifinal league): Suresh Fives `A' bt Suresh Fives `B' 29-24 (conceded); bt NRBC (Nanjundapuram) 29-19, 29-25; bt Himalaya (Tirupur) 29-14, 29-24; Suresh Fives `B' bt NRBC 29-19, 29-26; bt Himalaya (Tirupur) 29-20, 29-24; Himalaya (Tirupur) bt NRBC 29-28, 29-27. Quarterfinal: Suresh Fives `A' bt KPM `B' (Podanur) 29-23, 29-8; NRBC bt Pollachi Club 17-29, 29-4, 29-24; Suresh Fives `B' bt FRC `A' (Tirupur) 29-18, 29-9; Himalaya (Tirupur) bt KPM `A' (Podanur) 29-11, 28-29, 29-24.

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