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KARUR: Nimmy A. George and M.B. Muralidharan of Kerala and Venkatsundaram of Kancheepram share the lead after the end of the eighth round of the R. Ramasamy Gounder memorial FIDE-rated open chess tournament here on Tuesday.

Nimmy George, playing in black, defeated G.S. Sreejith in 57 moves. She opted for Slav defence and consistently outplayed her opponent.

Lakshmi Narayanan of Kodaikanal produced the upset of the day by defeating Syed Anwar Shazuli of ICF. On the 2nd board, Pradeep Kumar of Chennai drew with top seed B.T. Muralikrishna of Southern Railway.

The results: K.V. Ven Prakash (TN) 6.5 drew with M.B. Muralidharan (Ker) 7; R.A. Pradeep Kumar (TN) 6.5 drew with B.T. Muralikrishna (S.Rly) 6.5; G.S. Sreejith (TN) 6 lost to A.G. Nimmy (Ker) 7; S. Venkat Sundaram (TN) 7 bt N. Surendran (TN) 6; K. Gopalakrishna (TN) 5.5 lost to D. Prabhaharan (TN) 6.5; M. Paramasivam (TN) 6 drew with K. Narayanan (TN) 6; K. Chakravarti (TN) 6 drew with Manoj Barua (Asm) 6; Sa. Kannan (TN) 5.5 lost to R. Balasubramanian (ICF) 6; Y. Syed Anwar Shazuli (ICF) 5 lost to M.V. Lakshmi Narayanan (TN) 6; P. Phoobalan (TN) 6 bt N. Lokesh (TN) 5; C. Sachin (Ker) 5.5 drew with V. Subramanian (TN) 5.5; V.K. Pasupathy (TN) 5.5 drew with P. Maheswaran (TN) 5.5; M. Muthu Alagappan (TN) 5.5 drew with K. Haridas (TN) 5.5; M. Safira Shanaz (TN) 6 bt R. Kannan (TN) 5; K. Bindu Saritha 6 bt N. Vigneshwaran (TN) 5; S. Subramanian (TN) 5.5 drew with P. Lokesh (TN) 5.5; Utpal Baruah (Asm) 5.5 drew with T. Balaguru (Pon) 5.5; M. Kathiravan (Pon) 5 lost to R.K. Ranjith (TN) 6; R. Venkatraman (TN) 5 lost to M.J. Noohu (TN) 6; M.B. Sidharth (Ker) 5.5 drew with R. Muralidharan (TN) 5.5; U.C. Mohanan (Ker) 5 drew with J.B. Vigneshwara (TN) 5.

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