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HYDERABAD: Md. Yousuf Khan, who played in the 1960 Rome Olympics, died in the early hours of Saturday after a massive heart attack. He was 70 and is survived by wife, a son and a daughter.

Yousuf Khan, who had the best of rival defences at his mercy, was one of the two Indians picked for the 1965 Asian All Stars XI. Yousuf Khan served in the Andhra Pradesh Police and was one of the members of the famous Hyderabad City Police, which won every major national event during the 50s and 60s.

Of late Yousuf Khan was struggling with Parkinsons disease. His teammate in the Rome Olympics Balaraman told The Hindu from Kolkata that Yousuf Khan's death has left him distraught.

"I just cannot believe that he is no more. He was a complete all-rounder and could play in any position except goalkeeping."


More than being only a peerless footballer, Yousuf Khan was a good human being and was always concerned about the welfare of the players according to Balaraman.

"I still remember when he was involved in an aerial collision (playing for Hyderabad City Police) with Debnath (of East Bengal) and both of them fell on the ground. The first thing Yousuf Khan asked on regaining consciousness was about the welfare of Debnath. He was a gem of a person," said Balaraman.

D.M.K. Afzal, who along with Yousuf Khan was the member of the Indian team which won the 1962 Asian Games gold, said from Bangalore, "there can be many footballers who might have earned more than Yousuf Bhai but very few can match his all-round skills even today."

Tilakam Gopal, former India volleyball captain and colleague of Yousuf Khan in the Police Department, said, "having sacrificed our best for the country, at the fag end of our lives, not many know or care about our hardship and our sacrifices," he said struggling to control his emotions.

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