BANGALORE: Rehan Poncha came up with a sparkling display under murky skies in the State senior aquatics championship which got underway at K.C. Reddy pool here on Thursday.

Rehan claimed three golds, and two with record-breaking efforts. Rehan set new marks in the 400m freestyle (4: 13.25) and 400m individual medley (4:45.0), besides topping the 200m butterfly race with 2:09.77.

In the women's section, Tejaswini claimed two golds in 200m breaststroke and 400m individual medley respectively, while Pooja R. Alva of BAC and Surabhi Tipre of the National camp improved the meet mark in the 400m freestyle. Pooja clocked 4:50.56, while Surbahi did 4:48.29.

With the organisers allowing the national campers to participate in the meet, wherever the camp swimmers finished in the top three, they were given medals along with the State swimmers who figured in the medal bracket. .

The results: Men: 400m freestyle: 1. Rehan Poncha(BAC. 4:13.25.NMR.OR:4:15.30); 2. Rohit R. Hawaldar (BAC. 4:13.30.BMR); 3. Mandar Divase (National Camp); 100m backstroke: 1. N.A. Sandeep (BAC); 2. Srinand Srinivas (BAC); 3. Ashwin Menon (KCR). 1:02.27. NMR. Old: 1:02.96; 200m breaststroke: 1. Sandeep Sejwal (NC. 2:30.71) and Abhishek V. (BAC. 2:36.37); 2. J.P. Arjun (BAC); 3. S.R. Koushik (BAC). 400m individual medley: 1. Rehan Poncha; 2. Srinand Srinivas; 3. V. Abhishek. 4:45.0. NMR. OR: 4:48.82. 50m freestyle: Aniketh D'Souza (JSC.25.09); 2. Veer Dhaval Khade (NC) and N.A. Sandeep; 3. M.K. Muthanna (MDSA) and Varun Digvijikar (NC). 200m butterfly: 1. Rehan Poncha, Srinand Srinivas, 3. G. Karthik (BAC). 2:09.77. 4 x 200m freestyle relay: 1. BAC `A', 2. BAC `B', 3. KCR. 8:50.83.

Women: 400m freestyle: 1. Surabhi Tipre (NC .4:48.29) and Pooja R. Alva (BAC. 4: 50.56. NMR. OR: 4:50.56); 2. M. Kshipra (BAC. 4:52.89.BMR); 3. Archana Gupta (BAC). 100m backstroke: 1. Fariha Zaman (NC. 1:11.34) and M. Kshipra (1: 14.51); 2. G. Meghana Gupta; 3. Sameeksha Alva (BAC). 200m breaststroke: 1. V. Tejaswini (BAC); 2. Prerna S. Jain (BAC); 3. Jessica Bole (BAC). 2:52.49. 400m individual medley: 1. V. Tejaswini; 2. Madhavi Giri (KCR); 3. Suashaka Pratap (BAC). 5:23.22. 50m freestyle: 1. Aparna Madhum (NC 28.66) ) and B. Neeraja (BAC 29.60); 2. Lekha Kamath (NC) and Smitha (BAC); 3. M. Rohini (BAC) and Parita Parkeh (NC). 200m butterfly: 1. Pooja R. Alva; 2. Madhavi Giri; 3. Arhantha Magavi (BAC). 2:29.88. 4 x 200m freestyle relay: 1. BAC `A', 2. BAC `B', 3. National Camp. 9:42.93.

Diving (1m spring board): Men: 1. K.S. Anil (MEG), 2. Shivaraj Mohite (ABBA); 3. G. Rajendra (MEG). 226.75.

Women: 1. Karishma Mohite (YCSC); 2. K. Divya (DAC) ;3. Someshwari Devi (DAC). 174.88.

PVG Cup TT tournament

The Belgaum District Table Tennis Association will conduct the PVG Cup State-ranking championship at Belgaum from August 12 to 15 at the Belgaum Club. Entries close on August 9.

Contact Mr. Vipul Chougule, secretary, BDTTA, ph - 98861-04144 or Mr. S. Kannan, chief referee, ph - 23337202 / 98804-03149.

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