• The proposed amendment is scheduled to be discussed on Oct. 28
  • Every member has a right to contest for any post, says Kasturirangan

    Bangalore: A proposed amendment to rule 16 of the Karnataka State Cricket Association's (KSCA) rules and regulations, has stirred up a strong debate.

    The proposed amendment scheduled to be discussed at a special KSCA general body meeting here on October 28 states that all office-bearers including president, vice-president and treasurer are eligible for only two terms, while the secretary will be eligible for four terms.

    The proposed amendment also states that managing committee members, who have completed a term, can compete for the posts of vice-president, treasurer and secretary. And further, the amendment states "a life-member who has been an office-bearer for at least one term alone is eligible to contest for the post of president."


    The proposed amendments were criticised by the scion of the Mysore royal family Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadeyar and the KSCA's former vice-president G. Kasturirangan at a press conference here on Thursday.

    Mr. Wadeyar said: "In a democratic set-up, it is unfair to scuttle the right of any individual to contest for any number of terms. Also the rules are not in retrospective effect, which means the present secretary can continue for another twelve years, while he has already completed nine years, including the present term.

    "Every member has a right to contest for any post. To restrict it to those who are part of the managing committee is undemocratic. These laws will also prevent players like Anil Kumble or Rahul Dravid from contesting for the post of office-bearers for at least six to seven years after their retirement." Kasturirangan termed the proposed amendments as "draconian."


    Meanwhile, reacting to the opposition to the proposed amendments, KSCA secretary Brijesh Patel said: "What do I gain by bringing in terms for office-bearers ? Maybe I or anyone else could have continued for many years depending on their respective popularity. We will put the proposed amendments before the members and if they don't want it, so be it. Stipulated terms for office-bearers are the norm in any association or club. It is only good if there is a change in the governing personnel after a few years.

    "By mentioning that only managing committee members can contest for the post of vice-president, treasurer or secretary and that only an office-bearer can contest for president, we are only emphasising on some experience that is crucial for administration because when we all took over, we did struggle in the early years.

    Prospective effect

    "As for the players like Anil or Rahul, we already have players like Gundappa Viswanath, Syed Kirmani and many others in the committee and they can all step in. Anil and Rahul can always compete for the office-bearer's post once they gain experience in the managing committee. As for rules not being in retrospective effect, it is never the case. Rules are always implemented with prospective effect."

    Patel also added that if the members pass the rule-revision, it would only come into effect from 2010. "There is a belief that this rule-change is done to scuttle Wadeyar from contesting next year (for the president's post) but that's not the case as these rules if allowed, will be implemented only from 2010. So next year 2007 Wadeyar is eligible to contest," Patel said.

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