Hyderabad: Friendly Type, Combe Bassett, Star Crush and Cheetah pleased when the horses were exercised here on Wednesday morning (Oct. 4).

Outer grass:

600m: Hitech City (rb), a 2-y-o chestnut colt (Hammerstein-Golden Locks) (Ramana) 44, 400/28. They were not extended. Air Max Fly (M. Krishna), a 2-y-o bay colt (Pennine Ridge-Essmeralda Sarnia) (Ali Khan) 42, 400/27. Both level.

800m: A 2-y-o bay filly (Don Micheletto-Nummer Eins) (Shinde), Walmart (Rawal) 57, 600/43, 400/29. They were easy. Star Crush (Anil) 52, 600/41, 400/26. Pleased. A 2-y-o grey filly (Glory Of Dancer-Luminary) (Sandeep), Priceless Legacy (rb), Media Blitz (Qazafi) 55.5, 600/40, 400/28. They moved freely. A 2-y-o bay colt (Don Micheletto-Scholarship) (rb), a 2-y-o bay colt (Fact Finder-La Vie En Rose) (Sandeep) 1-0. They were not extended. Millennium Queen (rb) 54.5, 600/41.5, 400/28. Moved freely. Musical Spy (Farookh), Rose De Kazran (Ganesh) 57.5, 400/30. They finished together.

1,000m: Olympic Crown (Sharookh) 1-10, 800/54, 600/39, 400/27. Pleased. Bang Baba Bang (rb), a 2-y-o bay filly (Don Micheletto-Fascinating Lady) (Deep Shanker), a 2-y-o bay filly (Hammerstein-Queen Of Song) (rb) 1-13, 800/57, 600/42.5, 400/30. They moved freely. Secret Combination (Ganesh) 1-11, 800/56.5, 600/42, 400/30. Extended. Highway Prospector (Ali Khan) 1-9.5, 800/54.5, 400/28.5. Moved well. Argo (rb) 1-12, 400/30. Not extended. Celestial Queen (Ali Khan), Pretty Fit (M. Krishna) 1-10, 800/54, 400/27.5. Former showed out.

1,200m: Cheetah (Chary) 1-25.5, 600/41, 400/28. Retains form.

1,400m: Blazing Rhythm (Deep Shanker) 1-45, 1,200/1-29, 1,000/1-13.5, 800/58, 600/43.5, 400/30. Handy. Easy Rider (Lawrence) 1-36.5, (1,400-400) 1-8.5. Moved well. Fever Few (Deep Shanker), Sanjana (Lawrence) 1-37, (1,400-400) 1-5. Both were level. Nano Blue (Sandeep) 1-37, (1,400-400) 1-7. Moved well.


600m: Exclusive Run (Ashhad) 43.5, 400/29. Moved well.

800m: Sammurai (Farookh) 59.5, 400/30. Not extended. Shine Away (Pramod), Monochrome (rb) (1,200-400) 1-1. They were easy and level.

1,200m: Gold Mint (Sandeep) 1-29, (1,200-400) 58. Moved on the bit.

Gate practice (Outer grass):

800m: Portfolio (rb), Spark The Night (Anil), Orange County (Suresh), Ice Man (Ganesh) (1,200-400) 58. They jumped out well and moved easy.

1,200m: Sha Baaz (Laxman), Rajputana Rifles (Pavan Kumar) 1-29, (1,200-400) 57. They took a smart jump. Friendly Type (A. Imran Khan), Combe Bassett (Deep Shanker), Careerist (Mukesh), Actual Grace (Qazafi), Blooming Star (Ravinder) 1-20, (1,200-400) 53. Blooming Star was started from outside the gate. Friendly Type and Combe Bassett were the pick. Star Valley (Umesh), a 2-y-o chestnut colt (Inner City-Royal Rex) (Pawar), a 2-y-o bay colt (Argyle Lake-Pininfarina) (Sandeep) 1-25, (1,200-400) 56. They jumped out well. Pure And Simple (rb), Exponent (Anil), Million Deal (Suresh), Sporting Hero (Ganesh) 1-27, 800/56, 400/29. A 2-y-o dark bay colt (China Visit-Colourpresentation) (Rawal), Raise The Moon (Ashhad), a 2-y-o bay colt (Razeen-Averoff) (D. Singh) 1-26, (1,200-400) 54. They were separated by five lengths and three lengths.

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