London: Sri Lankan cricketer Angelo Mathews’ stunning piece of fielding in the match against the West Indies on Wednesday has received a ‘thumbs up’ from the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which said it perfectly conformed to the laws of cricket.

Mathews was fielding on the long-on boundary when he caught Ramnaresh Sarwan’s shot but as the momentum was taking him over the ropes, he threw the ball in air.

The ball had cleared the ropes but was yet to touch ground when an airborne Mathews parried it back inside the rope, re-entered the field and threw it back. By that time, the batsmen had run three and umpire Billy Bowden consulted third umpire Ian Gould before signalling three.

The MCC, considered the guardians of the laws and spirit of cricket, said Bowden took the right decision.

“At no point was Mathews both in contact with the ball and the ground beyond the boundary at the same time. His first contact with the ball was when he was grounded inside the boundary and the next contact was when he was outside the boundary but crucially, was airborne and so not grounded while he made contact with the ball,” the MCC said in a statement. — PTI

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