NEW DELHI: Ashwani of Jugla Singh Tairakh Sangh and Sanjana of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, won the men’s and women’s 50-metre freestyle title respectively in the 45th Delhi State Open swimming championship at the Government School pool, Mongolpuri, here on Sunday.

Ashwani clocked 26.58 seconds to beat Gaurav Rathi by 0.06 seconds for the gold while Sanjana came through in 30.15 seconds to beat Vani Sahni by 0.59 seconds.

Tarun Tokas continued to excel as he set his third meet record in the 200-metre butterfly with a time of 2 minutes 17.77 seconds. The earlier record had stood against the name of Jitender Tokas at 2:21.03 since 2005. Tarun had set marks in the 50-metre and 100-metre butterfly events earlier.

In the women’s 200-metre butterfly, Harpreet Kaur of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, set a new mark with a time of 2:41.43. She erased the record of 2:42.20 set by Meenakshi Tokas in 2002.

The results (winners only):

Men: 50m frestyle: Ashwani 26.58; 400m freestyle: Prashant Tokas 4:40.63; 100m backstroke: Viplov Chaudhary 1:10.06; 50m breaststroke: Gaurav Rathi 34:63; 200m butterfly: Tarun Tokas 2:17.77 (NMR, old 2:21.03); 200m individual medley: Mohit Kumar 2:30.41; 4 x 100m medley relay: Jugla Singh Tairak Sangh ’A’ 4:34.46.

Boys: Under-9: 50m freestyle: Anurag 38.86; 200m individual medley: Anurag 3:37.06; 4 x 50m medley relay: 1. KSSA ’A’ 3:21.20.

Under-7: 50m freestyle: Tanmay Das 47.67; 50m butterfly: Tanmay Das 1:01.36.

Under-5: 50m freestyle: Sarthak Kumar 2:25.18.

Women: 50m freestyle: Sanjana 30.15; 400m freestyle: Harpreet Kaur 5:07.12; 100m backstroke: Ruhaab Khan 1:20.32; 50m breaststroke: Priyanka 39.32; 200m butterfly: Harpreet Kaur 2:41.43 (NMR, old 2:42.20); 200m individual medley: Priyanka 2:47.77; 4 x 100m medley relay: Jugla Singh Tairak Sangh ’A’ 5:25.16.

Girls: Under-9: 50m freestyle: Megha 40.09; 200m individual medley: Megha 3:36.48; 4 x 50m medley relay: Jugla Singh Tairak Sangh ‘A’ 4:32.01.

Under-7: 50m freestyle: Simran 50.92; 50m butterfly: Simran 1:11.01.

Under-5: 50m freestyle: Bhavya Sachdeva 2:56.76. — Special Correspondent

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