Special Correspondent

Mumbai: The ICC Match Referee’s performance in a bilateral series will henceforth be critically assessed by three parties — by the home board in consultation with the team manager, the ICC and the referee himself.

Altogether modified to assist the ICC to evaluate the performance of the Match Referee after each series, the new appraisal procedure has made it obligatory on the respective home boards to rate the Match Referee’s functioning on several counts, notably if he is suitable for future appointments.

The ICC has circulated an elaborate note to its full members asking them to rate the Match Referee (as excellent, satisfactory, poor) on his leadership skills, management, communications, interaction with home board officials, venue officials, liaison officers, curators, media, security officials, team manager, coach, captain and players.

Other relevant aspects on which the Match Referee would be rated are: his punctuality, dress and appearance, if he commanded respect from the teams, his performance at pre-series meetings, standard of communication with the people attending meetings, if he has complete grasp of the laws and playing conditions, illegal bowling action regulations, anti-racism policy, safety regulations, clothing and equipment regulations. Thereafter the ICC’s senior counsel will pass remarks on the Match Referee’s performance at Code of Conduct meetings followed by the Chief Referee and Referees’ Manager’s comments on his performance during the series.

Finally, the Match Referee will be given a copy of the assessment reports of the home boards and remarks made by ICC officials to comment specifically on particular aspects and also make a general comment.

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