R. Jayaram

USA-1 scores 74 Victory Points in Bermuda Bowl

Indian women’s team begins well

Chennai: Arguably one of the game’s greatest exponents in the world today, Zia Mahmood (who has qualified to play for USA long ago) and his teammates (Steve Garner, George Jacobs, Ralph Katz, Michael Rosenberg and Howard Weinstein) played brilliant bridge on the opening day in the World Championship in Shanghai.

They scored a phenomenal 74 Victory Points (out of a possible maximum of 75) to lead the field of 22 countries in the Bermuda Bowl after three rounds.

Norway is in the second position on 58 Victory Points, followed by Poland (56) and holder Italy (54).

Equally impressive was the performance of the women’s team from New Zealand in the Venice Cup.

It collected 72 VPs to lead the field. USA-2 is on 61 VPs, while Germany and the Netherlands are on 57 VPs each.

Australia in front

In the Seniors Bowl, the Australian team comprising the prolific writer Ron Klinger is in front with 68 VPs. It is followed by Italy, Poland and USA-1 in that order.

The Indian women’s team began well by collecting all 25 VPs against its BFAME conqueror Jordan and drew its second match with Brazil 15-15 to be in the second position. It slipped badly in the third round against England (9-21) to finish the day in the 10th position.

The open team did nothing of note in the Bermuda Bowl to finish the day on 34 VPs and on 20th position.

The seniors did slightly better to be 10th at the end of the day.

The top eight teams in each category:

Bermuda Bowl: USA-1 (74), Norway (58), Poland (56), Italy (54), Pakistan (53), USA-2 (51), Canada (47) and South Africa (47).

Venice Cup: New Zealand (72), USA-2 (61), Germany (57), The Netherlands (57), England (53), China Global Times (51), Denmark (51) and USA-1 (51).

Seniors Bowl: Australia (63), Italy (61), Poland (57), USA-1 (55), Argentina (54), USA-2 (54), Brazil (53) and Egypt (52).

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