Nandita Sridhar

Durban: This game of cricket offers delicious possibilities.

First, you watch a non-specialist batsman smash five sixes, off your bowling in an over, and reduce you to a comical bit of trivia.

Yuvraj Singh could feel for Stuart Broad who bore the brunt of his six sixes in his over. Yuvraj’s experience at the Oval two weeks back (Dimitri Mascarenhas was the batsman) was, in his words, ‘horrible’ and helped him lend a bit of empathy to Broad.

“It’s a horrible feeling. I’m not even a bowler, and Stuart is one of their main bowlers, so I feel sorry for him, cause I had a horrible day (at the Oval),” he said.

But the damage was done in six sublime shots, with incredibly, just one mishit. The first one flew over ‘cow corner,’ after which he dismissed the second off his legs with disdain.

The third scurried over extra-cover, and the sight of the fourth over backward point, was what instigated the idea of a perfect six.

Whatever Andrew Flintoff had said to him, had obviously helped.

“After the fourth six, I thought if I could use the crease so much better, I was sure I could hit one more. And after the fifth I thought I had to go for the sixth, cause I had nothing to lose,” he said.

After smacking one over mid-wicket in the fifth, the sixth was pre-destined for a maximum. After five glorious shots, it had to happen. Accordingly, the ball cleared mid-on, and seemed to take eternity, as every single eye in the ground followed its course and seemed to decelerate its progress. It eventually did clear the ropes. It was bizarre, yet it was brilliant.

Broad, through the course of that over, had spent all his emotions. What does one say to him?

Broad memory

“I don’t think he’s ever going to get rid of it, unfortunately. I think he realises that. He’s a very proud man. He’s got a lot of pride in his bowling. This will hurt him. But it’s up to us all to stand behind him and support him. The way he’s performed this season has been fantastic. I’m sure it won’t knock him back too much,” said England captain Paul Collingwood.

Doing a Garfield Sobers is something, specially doing it to a fast bowler.

“Lots of people tell me I bat like him, but I’m not even halfway to what he’s achieved,” said Yuvraj.

But the feeling of relief was the predominant one for the left-hander.

“After five sixes I had so many phone calls. So many people wouldn’t call me even when I got a hundred. There were around 100 to 150 calls, and people were making fun of me. I thought, God, this is not fair, you’ve got to give it back to me, and he gave it back to me.”

Indian captain M.S. Dhoni preferred that his star-performer did all the talking, but the captain, without saying much, said the most.

“Couple of days back there was a question asked if Yuvraj was in the team just for bowling. I don’t think I have to answer that anymore. There’s nothing more to say,” said Dhoni.

For now, no one has anything more to say.

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