Silver lining

All praise to the Indian football team for winning the Nehru Cup tournament and thereby providing a silver lining in an otherwise dark setting. Skills apart, team spirit and the zeal to succeed were the factors that contributed to the win. India still has a long way to go but the latest effort should be taken note of by the SAI and the Government to provide better treatment to the sport.

B. Suresh Kumar,


Kudos Dhoni

Congratulations to Mahindra Singh Dhoni for equalling the world record of six dismissals in a match. Considering that fielding has been the sore point in this Indian team, Dhoni’s effort could not have come a day too soon. May this effort inspire the rest of Indians to do well in the remaining matches.

N. Mahadevan,


A pity

It was a pitiable sight watching the Indians lose the fourth ODI after having England in the dock. Five top-order batsmen were dismissed but India failed to get rid of tail-enders and paid the price for it. Even in the past, India had exhibited such inability in finishing off from an advantageous position. Is it a touch of over-confidence or plain lack of killer instinct?

K.D. Viswanaathan,

Nashua (USA)

New sports culture

Sportspersons are known to be a disciplined and committed lot. It is disheartening that many of them disassociate themselves from sports after brief careers, wasting their talent and experience. It should be every sportsperson’s duty to give back to sport what he or she had gained from it as an active participant. Let sportspersons, on this Teacher’s Day, take a vow to join and work towards launching a new sports culture.

M. Sathiyaseelan,


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