NEW DELHI: Young Parimarjan Negi made his presence felt in the NH chess tournament when he dominated a 71-move drawn contest against Alexander Beliavsky as Rising Stars moved to a 3-2 lead over Experience in the 10-round competition that began in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

On a day when Rising Stars played with black pieces, four boards ended in draws while Dutch talent Jan Smeets upstaged Bosnia’s Predrag Nikolic to set up the lead.

The two teams, comprising five players each, play on a double round-robin format.

In the inaugural edition of this unique event last year, Rising Stars won 28-22.

Negi, the youngest of the 10 competitors, called the shots for the better part of the game against Beliavsky, the oldest and the strongest player of his team.

In what turned out to be longest battle of the day, 14-year-old Negi held a one-pawn advantage against the 53-year-old veteran. Though Negi seemed to have missed an opportunity to win in the endgame, he stretched Belivasky’s defensive skills to the limit.

Besides Smeets and Negi, the Rising team includes the game’s youngest ever Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin (Ukraine), Ivan Cheparinov (Bulgaria) and Daniel Stellwagen (the Netherlands).

Deep shares second spot

Meanwhile, in Banyoles, Spain, Deep Sengupta (5.5 points) drew with Georgian Grandmaster Levan Aroshidze to share the second spot after seven rounds of the Banyoles International Open chess tournament.

The results:

NH Tournament (first round): Experience lost to Rising Stars 2-3 (Alexander Beliavsky drew with Parimarjan Negi; Predrag Nikoliv lost to Jan Smeets; Alexander Khalifman drew with Daniel Stellwagen; Artus Jussupow drew with Ivan Cheparinov; Ljubomir Ljubojevic drew with Sergey Karjakin).

Banyoles International (seventh round, involving Indians): Levan Aroshidze (Geo, 5.5) drew with Deep Sengupta (5.5); Ruslan Pogorelov (Ukr, 4.5) drew with K. Priyadarshan (4.5): Leon Plasetski (Can, 4) lost to Aswin Jayaram (5); Omar Garcia (Esp, 3.5) lost to Nisha Mohota (4.5); Swati Mohota (3) drew with Jessica Thilanganathan (Eng, 3).

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