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Bangalore: M.R. Poovamma, representing Dakshina Kannada District, set a new meet record and equalled another in the State senior and junior athletics championship’s girls’ under-18 section at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Thursday.

In the 200m event, Poovamma clocked 24.8 seconds to erase the earlier record of 25s, while in the 400m event, she equalised the mark of 56.2s.

“I could have done better in the 400m race in which my personal best is 54.8s. There was hardly any competition at the half-way mark and I couldn’t push myself much,” Poovamma said.

The results (winners only):

Men: 200m: Vilas Nelgund (SWR), 21.5s; 4 x1 00m relay: SWR, 42.1s; Shotput: Samuel (SWR), 14.44m; 10000m: Shivananda (SWR), 33:16.1s; 110m hurdles: Rohit Hawal (SWR), 14.3s; Hammer throw: Anil Kumar (MEG), 49.20m; Triple jump: Janesh (MEG), 14.27m.

Boys: Under-14: Triathlon: Group A: Mohit (BSC), 1286pts; Group B: Santosh (Bijapur), 1159pts; Group C: V. Muralidhar (Bangalore Rural), 1879.

Under-16: 5000m walk: Akshay Talwar (SS Chandragi), 31:32.8s; Discus: Sayed (DK), 36.97m; 100m hurdles: Sumanth (Tumkur), 14.1; Long jump: Abey Sundav (SL), 6.02m; High jump: H.A. Sahan (SL), 1.65m; Hammer throw: Siddesh (SS Chandragi), 36.00m; 400m: Ranjith (SAI Shimoga), 52.25s; Javelin: Somu (Youngsters SC), 42.69m.

Under-18: 10000m walk: Dinesh Kumar (SAI Bangalore), 52:19.4s (NMR, Old: 56:25.5s); 200m: Nishith Shetty (DK), 22.5s; 4 x 100m: Bangalore SC, 44.6c; Discus throw: Praveen Sambhoji (Belgaum), 41.72m; Long jump: Akash Rao (DK), 6.57m; High jump: Yathish (Udupi), 1.70m; 110m hurdles: Ravindra Hegde (SAI, Dharwad), 15.0s; Hammer: K.S. Dinesh (Shimoga), 46.75m (NMR, Old: 45.90); Javelin: Thipanna (SAI Dharwad), 51.35m; 400m: Nishit (DK), 50.7s; Triple jump: Binu John (Bangalore), 13.59m.

Under-20: 200m: G.N. Bopanna (B’lore SC), 22.0s; Long jump: 1. H.Y. Lokesha (Alva’s SC), 7.07m (NMR, Old: 6.28m); 10000m: Mahabala (DK), 35:39.6s; Shot put: Sheetal Kumar (Youngsters SC), 42.13m (NMR, Old: 41.77m); 110m hurdles: Kaled E. Oliver (SBM Jain College), 16.2sec; Triple jump: Subin (MEG), 13.64m; 400m: M.K. Kumar (Alva’s SC), 49.3s.

Women: 200m: Harini (Postal), 25.7s: 4 x 100m relay: 1. Alva’s SC, 53.7s; Hammer throw: Vanitha Rathod (Dharwad), 36.45m (NMR, Old: 35.75m); 10000m: Chitravathi (Alva’s SC), 46:04.3s; 100m hurdles: 1. Poonam Bojanna (Corporation Bank), 13.9s; Javelin throw: Hemalatha (SWR), 38.26m; 400m: Bindu Rani (BSC), 58.1s.

Girls: Under-16: 3000m walk: Chaitra (SAI, Shimoga), 18:50.7s; Long jump: Joyline Lobo (SAI Bangalore), 5.24m; 100m hurdles: Sandeepani (SL), 15.1s; High jump: Malavika (Indo German SC), 1.44m; 400m: Shruthi Shetty (DK), 1:00.2s.

Under-18: 4x100m relay: Sri Lanka, 53.00s; 5000m walk: 1. Reshma (SAI, Shimoga), 31:46.5s; 200m: M.R. Poovamma (DK), 24.8s (NMR, Old: 25.0s); Hammer: Vanitha (Dharwad), 37.88m; Long jump: Aishwarya (Indo-German SC), 5.59m; Triple jump: Aishwarya (Indo-German), 1.60m; 400m: M.R. Poovamma (DK), 56.2s EMR.

Under-20: 4x100m relay: SAI, Bangalore 50.50s; Shot put: Nirup (Alva’s SC), 11.17m; 100m hurdles: Shilpa (SAI Dharwad), 15.0s; Hammer: Reshama (Alva’s SC), 31.35m; 10000m: Nielathi (SL), 45:30.3s; 400m: Swetha (SAI Bangalore), 1:00.9s; Javelin: Nirup (Alva’s SC), 33.94m.

Under-14: Triathlon: Group A: S. Pranetha (BSC), 1348pts; Group B: Amulya Arun (RAI Athletic Club), 1787; Group C: Shashikala (SAI Dharwad), 1510.

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