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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Host Thiruvananthapuram retained the overall championship title with 428 points as the 55th State senior aquatic championships concluded at the Water Works swimming pool here on Saturday.

Thrissur, which grabbed the women’s team championship title ahead of the home district, was second with 365 points and Wayanad third with 64 points respectively. Thiruvananthapuram was a runaway winner of the men’s team championship title as well.

The concluding day’s fare saw three new meet records being established, one in the men’s section and the rest in the women’s division. Anoop Augustine (Thrissur), later adjudged as the men’s individual champion, swam a well-paced race in the 200m individual medley to lower his own record of 2:27.34 set last year. Anoop clocked 2:24.28 after being pushed hard by L.G. Muralikrishnan (Thiruvananthapuram) in the final stages of the four-lapper.

M. Mini (Thrissur) and B. Praveena (Thiruvananthapuram) also broke their own existing records in the 50m breast stroke and 50m butterfly while heralding in new timings. A.R. Rohini (Thiruvananthapuram), the lone record setter on Friday, emerged as the individual champions in this section with 28 points.

The KSC president, T.P. Dasan, gave away the trophies.

The results:

Men: 100m freestyle: 1. S.G. Bichu Suresh (Tvm), 2. L.G. Muralikrishnan (Tvm), 3. M.K. Jayaprasad (RIT), (58.84s). 400m freestyle: 1. L.G. Muralikrishnan (Tvm), 2. C. Lal Krishna (Tvm), 3. S.B. Sibi (Tvm), (4:42.66). 800m freestyle: 1. C. Lal Krishna (Tvm), 2. S.B. Sibi (Tvm), 3. M. Thoufeek (Tvm), (9:45.36). 100m backstroke: 1. Anoop Augustine (Tsr), 2. V. Vijeesh (Tsr), 3. M.L. Nithin (Tvm), (1:07.63). 50m breaststroke: 1. B. Arun (Wyd), 2. M.B. Arun (Tvm), 3. S.S. Sujithmon (Tsr), (33.62s). 200m breaststroke: 1. S. Sunil (Tvm), 2. S.S. Sujithmon (Tsr), 3. B. Arun (Wyd), (2:45.60). 50m butterfly: 1. C.S. Sarath (Tvm), 2. R. Rakesh (Tvm), 3. K. Rajesh Kumar (Tvm), (28.06s). 200m butterfly: 1. K. Rajesh Kumar (Tvm), 2. J. Siji (Tvm), 3. V. Krishnadas (Tsr), (2:30.14). 200m individual medley: 1. Anoop Augustine (Tsr), 2. L.G. Muralikrishnan (Tvm), 3. V. Vijeesh (Tsr), (2:24.28 — New Meet Record: Old Record — 2:27.34, Anoop Augustine, 2006). 4 x 100m freestyle relay: 1. Thiruvananthapuram, 2. Thrissur, 3. Kottayam, (4:09.17).

Team championship position: 1. Thiruvananthapuram (227 points), 2. Thrissur (156), 3. Kollam (35). Individual champion: Anoop Augustine (Thrissure, 33 points).

Women: 100m freestyle: 1. A.R.Rohini (Tvm), 2. A.Anuja (Wyd), 3. Sinju James (Tsr), 1:05.85). 400m freestyle: 1. A.R. Rohini (Tvm), 2. A. Anuja (Wyd), 3. Josna P. Joy (Tsr), (5:11.01). 1500m freestyle: 1. Josna P. Joy (Tsr), 2. M.R. Nithya (Tvm), 3. Sinju James (Tsr), (20:50.38). 100m backstroke: 1. K.R. Anu (Tvm), 2. M.D. Dhilna (Tsr), 3. S.K. Beena (Tsr), (1:17.72). 50m breaststroke: 1. M. Mini (Tsr), 2. Veena Venu (Tvm), 3. S.R. Lekshmi (Tvm), (37.28s — NMR; OR — 37.52s, M. Mini , 2004). 200m breaststroke: 1. M. Mini (Tsr), 2. V. Aswathy (Tsr), 3. D. Jincymol (Tvm), (3:13.84). 50m butterfly: 1. B. Praveena (Tvm), 2. S. Beena (Tvm), 3. M. Manusha (Tsr), (32.10s — NMR; OR — 32.14s, B. Praveena, 2006). 200m butterfly: 1. S. Beena (Tvm), 2. M.K. Tittymol (Tsr), 3. R. Princy (Tsr), (2:50.13). 200m individual medley: 1. K.R. Anu (Tvm), 2. M.D. Dhilna (Tsr), 3. S. Al-Janah (Tsr), (2:52.03). 4 x 100m freestyle relay: 1.Thrissur, 2. Thiruvananthapuram, 3. Wayanad, (4:39.04).

Team championship position: 1. Thrissur (209), 2. Thiruvananthapuram (201), 3. Wayanad (46). Individual champion: A.R. Rohini (Tvm, 28 points).

Overall championship position: 1. Thiruvananthapuram (428), 2. Thrissur (365), 3. Wayanad (64).

Waterpolo (final): Men: Railway Institute bt Thiruvananthapuram 9-8; Women: Thiruvananthapuram bt Thrissur 7-1.

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