London: Three concurring pathology reports, done with the help of modern forensic science expertise, have confirmed that Bob Woolmer died from natural causes and the Jamaican police would announce it formally next week, a newspaper claimed here on Friday.

Exclusive tests on the broken hyoid bone in Woolmer's neck, based on which the Jamaican pathologist Ere Seshaiah had concluded that the Pakistan cricket coach was strangulated, has helped pathologists conclude that the Pakistan cricket coach died from heart attack, according to The Times.

``Mark Shields, the Deputy Police Commissioner, instructed that the bone should be removed from the body for further examination. It was photographed and X-rayed, helping pathologists to reach their conclusion,'' the British daily reported.

The paper said that the three pathologists of the British Home Office, Ontario and South Africa disagreed with the original report that Woolmer died of ``asphyxia due to strangulation''.

``Lucius Thomas, the head of the Jamaican police force, will announce next week that Woolmer was not poisoned. Toxicology reports show that there was nothing in Woolmer's body that could have killed or incapacitated him,'' 'The Times' said.

"Crucial to the conclusion was that the post-mortem examination was filmed with high-quality digital colour video that helped outside pathologists to rule out murder. Colour digital photographs were also taken before, during and after the examination, as were multiple tissue and body fluid samples. PTI

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