NEW DELHI: Mr. Sunil Kumar Verma's Silver Shine (K. Narender up) bagged the Good Bye Cup, the main event of the races here on Tuesday (April 24).

Anupam Sharma trains the winner.

Following were given the trophies for emerging victorious in their respective fields for the season 2006 and 2007: M/s. Gautam Thapar and Sultan Singh representing Sohna Stud Farm Pvt. Ltd. (owner), A. Khan (Trainer), K. Narender Kumar (Jockey), Ramandeep S. Bal (Apprentice jockey), M/s. V. Shyam (Bokmaker), Bol Publication (Tipster).

The results:1. FAMILY WELFARE PLATE: Oriental Speed (Rajinder) 1, Healing Touch (Parmod) 2, Real Scotch (Shah) 3, and Battleship (Pawan) 4. Not run: Divine Heights and Mystic Solitaire. Rs. 14(w), 10 and 46(p). SHP: Rs. 75. FP: Rs. 71. Q: Rs. 50. Tanala: Rs. 58 and Rs. 30. Owner: Ms. Ameeta Mehra and Mrs. Ruksana Khan. Trainer: A Khan.

2. HAPPY ENDING PLATE (Div. I): Time Warner (Pawan) 1, Gandiva (Ramandeep) 2, Touch of Love (Shahid) 3 and Little White Lies (Shah) 4. Rs. 18(w), 13, 19 and 36(p). SHP: Rs. 52. FP: Rs. 34. Q: RS. 41. Tanala: Rs. 753 and Rs. 645.

Owner: Mrs. Sharon H. Edward. Trainer: S. Nawab.

3. HAPPY ENDING PLATE (Div. II): Swing Lucky (Chand) 1, King Chailesh (Kaushal) 2, Confidential Lady (Nazim) 3 and Avtaar (Naresh) 4. Rs. 1,279(w), 144, 65 and 21(p). SHP: Rs. 290. Owner: Mr. Rustom E. Daroga.

Trainer: Shafiq Khan.

4. Al WIDAH PLATE: Ever Try (Dilip) 1, Image To Remember (Pawan) 2, Time Gentlemen (Parmod) 3 and Young Flyer (Shakti) 4. Rs. 51(w), 18, 18 and 53(p). SHP: Rs. 58. FP: Rs. 142. Q: Rs. 86. Tanala:Rs. 871 and Rs. 653. Owner: Mrs. Kumud Sharma Trainer: Magan Singh.

5. CLOSING CEREMONY PLATE (Div. I): Distant Thunder (Ramlal) 1, Elegant Fashion (Tauseef) 2, Painted Boy (Rajinder) 3 and Pleiad (Shakti) 4.Rs. 49 (w), 17, 31 and 17 (p). SHP: Rs. 152. Q: Rs. 229. Tanala: Rs. 680 and Rs. 292. Owner: Mr. Jai Prakash. Trainer: Magan Singh.

6. GOOD BYE CUP: Silver Shine (K. Narender) 1, Stunning Force (Parmod) 2, Wise Prince (Raza) 3 and Garden Of Hope (Tauseef) 4. Rs. 50(w), 18, 15, 36 and 12(p). SHP: Rs. 52. FP: Rs. 423. Q: Rs. 217. Tanala: Rs. 2496 and Rs. 1070. Owner: Mr. Sunil Kumar Verma. Trainer: Anupam Sharma.

7. CLOSING CEREMONY PLATE (Div. II): Blue Fin (Parmod) 1, Norton (Ramandeep) 2, Loaded Gun (K. Narender) 3 and Out Of The Blue (Shah) 4. Rs. 72(w), 15, 11 and 14(p). SHP: Rs. 38. FP: RS. 366. Q: RS. 104. Tanala: Rs. 232 and 57. Owners: Mr. Deepak Kashyap, Mr. Naresh Kumar Pawar and Mr. Laksh Bhatia. Trainer: Bharat T. Singh.

Jackpot: Rs. 7330 (carried over). Super Jackpot: Rs. 6280 (carried over).

Treble: Rs. 667.

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