VIJAYAWADA: One-sided matches in both the men and women's sections were the feature of day two of the 26th senior National netball championship at Ongole on Sunday.

According to information received here, the defending champions in the women's section, Chhattisgarh outplayed Rajasthan (14-1) and HP (30-0), while Delhi men scored facile victories over Maharashtra, Manipur and Jammu & Kashmir. The men's defending champions Uttar Pradesh failed to turn up for the championship.

The results: (league matches): Men: Orissa bt Karnataka 14-9, Chhattisgarh bt Puducherry 24-3, Haryana bt Orissa 25-12, MP bt West Bengal 13-6, Maharashtra bt Manipur 28-2, Rajasthan bt Goa 23-4, Delhi bt Maharashtra 20-2, Puducherry bt Jharkhand 11-1, Tamil Nadu bt Jharkhand 12-0, Karnataka bt Uttaranchal 15-5, West Bengal bt Bihar 19-0, Punjab bt HP 40-2, Delhi bt J& K 25-3, Chandigarh bt Goa 17-8, Chhattisgarh bt Gujarath 14-2, Delhi bt Manipur 20-7, Haryana bt Uttaranchal 23-2, Tamil Nadu bt Puducherry 15-12, Manipur bt Dadar & Nagar Haveli 7-2, Punjab bt Orissa 28-6, AP bt Dadar & Nagar Haveli 17-8.

Women: Punjab bt HP 22-1, Assam bt WB 20-6, TN bt Orissa 14-4, Delhi bt Jharkhand 18-0, Chhattisgarh bt HP 30-0, Karnataka bt Jharkhand 15-2, AP bt Bihar 19-1, Puducherry bt J&K 10-5, Delhi bt Puducherry 15-1, Chhattisgarh bt Rajasthan 14-1, Manipur bt Bihar 13-1. Sports Reporter

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