LONDON: The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said on Tuesday that it has now received the results of the 300 drug tests from the Beijing Olympics that it had previously reported as missing.

WADA’s team of independent observers had reported the missing results in their final report on the Beijing drug-testing program earlier this month.

Communication problem

The International Olympic Committee said the mix-up was due to a “communication problem” between the Beijing lab and the observers, and that all the results had been traced and later sent to the WADA team. All those tests were negative.

“The IO (Independent Observer) team is now satisfied that it has in its possession, results for all of the in-competition tests conducted in Beijing and that all outstanding issues have now been clarified,” WADA said in an addendum to its report issued on Tuesday.

EPO controls

WADA said the biggest group of missing test results, about 180, were for EPO controls. It said there had been a misunderstanding over the Beijing lab’s indication that those results would be included in separate reports.

An additional 117 test results not received in Beijing were provided in lab reports dated October 15-18, with another 17 results for testosterone reported to WADA on October 15-16.

Also, the observers had mistakenly asked for EPO test results on about 32 samples which were not analysed for the blood-boosting hormone, WADA said. —AP

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