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Arjun Bharat fritters away a commanding position

Under-8 top seed Riya Savant loses twice

Vung Tau: Padmini Rout, Sunyasaktha Satpathy, Vidit Gujrati, Bhakti Kulkarni and Sayantan Das of Kolkata secured maximum four points after fourth rounds of the World Youth Chess Championship in different sections.

There are several other Indians close behind them. Seven more rounds remain.

In the under-14 girls’ section, Rout outplayed Diana Samigulina of Russia while Satpathy beat teammate G.K. Monnisha in the under-10 girls’ section.

Kolkata schoolboy Sayantan trounced Dennis Wagner of Germany in the under-12 to find himself in the bunch of leaders.

Arjun Bharat had a good chance but misplayed a minor piece ending and could only draw with his Iranian opponent in the under-10.

Bad day

It was a bad day for under-8 girls top seed Riya Savant.

In the morning, she was in a commanding position against Gunay Mammadzada of Azerbaijan, only to bungle it.

She followed up poorly, allowing a black knight to enter and destroy her. In the evening she was quickly defeated by Reva Shree Singh of USA.

Both Ivana Furtado and N. Srinath are only on 2.5 points.

Indian players who have three or more points are Arjun Bharat, Diptayan Ghosh, Sidhant Mohapatra, M. Satvik, Girish Koushik, Shiven Khosla, Prince Bajaj, Karma Pandya, K. Priyadarshan, B. Adhiban, S.P. Sethuraman, Debashis Das, Ashwin Jayaram, P. Karthikeyan, Bansi Pratima, G.K. Monnisha, Shoumi Mukerjee, M. Mahalakshmi, U. Ashwini, Navya Vyshnavi, B. Pratyusha, Shalmali Gagare and J. Mohana Priya.

Important results (Indian players): Fourth round:

Boys: Under-10: Mousavi Seyed Khalil (IRI) drew with Arjun Bharat 3; Boris Markoja (Slo) drew Diptayan Ghosh 3.5.

Under-12: Sayantan Das 4 bt D. Wagner (Ger); A. Velitanov (USA) lost to Girish Koushik 3.5.

Under-14: Vidit Gujrati 4 bt Zhou Yang-Fan (Chn).

Under-16: Yilmaz Mustafa (Tur) drew S.P. Sethuraman 3.5; B. Adhiban 3.5 drew K. Priyadarshan 3.5.

Girls: Under-10: Sunyasakta Satpathy 4 bt G.K. Monnisha 3.

Under-14: D. Samigulina (Rus) lost to Padmini Rout 4.

Under-16: Bhakti Kulkarni 4 bt Hoang Thi Nhu (Vie).

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