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Bitter twist for Aditya Patel and Saahil Shelar

Freewheeling session of showmanship on the bike by Dilip Roger

CHENNAI: A laidback Sunday crowd was treated to guttural delights of machinery at the Madras Motor Racing Track here as cocky driving by Team Red Rooster claimed both races of the premier Formula Rolon category.

The fifth and penultimate round of the J.K. Tyre National racing championship also witnessed a double by Saran Vikram in the Formula Swift class. The twin wins placed Saran in an unassailable position atop the rankings with the results of the final leg next month being rendered irrelevant to his cause by virtue of his accumulated points.

For this year’s new entrant — Team Red Rooster — the men who mattered were Gaurav Dalal and Sarosh Hataria. Gaurav began the first race of the Formula Rolon category from pole and maintained his lead through the race for an easy victory ahead of Sarosh.

Things, however, took a bitter twist for star racer Aditya Patel and Saahil Shelar of Team Speed NK Racing as technical problems put them out of the race in the second lap.

In race two, Sarosh edged ahead of his teammate Gaurav and took the chequered flag with nothing to choose between the two to the naked eye.

All of eighteen and already a former champion, Saran Vikram of Team WSRF with Leela raced ahead to a win from pole in the first race of the Formula Swift class and then validated the requirement of the ‘reverse grid’ policy as a true measure of riding talent in the second race.

Starting fourth, Saran manoeuvred and marauded his way to the front and raced to another deserved win, sealing the championship with it.

The afternoon’s entertainment also included a freewheeling session of showmanship on the bike by Dilip Roger. His successful, and very deliberate, attempts at ‘smoking’ the track and performing front wheelies, won the hearts of not just the cheering proletariats in the gallery, but also of the sunscreen shielded swish set that stood by the trackside.

The results: Formula Rolon (8 laps): Race-1: 1. Gaurav Dalal 13:04:151, 2. Sarosh Hataria 13:10:066, 3. C.Rajaram 13:15:152; Race-2: 1. Sarosh Hataria 14:53:030, 2. Gaurav Dalal 14:53:512, 3. Shankar Narayanan 14:55:493.

Formula Swift (8 laps): Race 1: 1. Saran Vikram 15:38:617, 2. Kartik Shankar 15:43:651, 3. Sudanand Rajan 15:48:107; Race-2: 1. Saran Vikram15:43:635, 2. Kartik Shankar 15:47:709, 3. Sudanand Rajan 15:54:044.

Super Bikes-600 cc (8 laps): Race-1: 1.Praveen Keerthi 15:24:748, 2. S. Gopinadhan 15:54:683, 3. Kathi Venkataramana 16:28:214, Race- 2: 1.Praveen Keerthi 15:21:318, 2. S. Gopinadhan 15:43:943, 3. Kathi Venkataramana 16:28:756.

Super Bike-1000 cc (8 laps): Race-1: 1. Alok Sashidhar 15:31:179, 2. Mazhar Ahmed 15:35:626, 3. Vikram 16:09:359; Race-2: 1. Mazhar Ahmed 15:26:593,2. Alok Sashidhar 15:37:330, 3. Vikram 15:56:396.

Saloon cars (8 laps): Race-1: 1. Radha Selvaraj 17:02:512,2. Sailesh Bolisetti 17:02:926, 3. C. Rajaram 17:06:819; Race-2: 1. Sailesh Bolsetti 16:53:457, 2. Radha Selvaraj 16:54:209, 3. B. Vijayakumar 16:55:816.

Race Star Cars (8 laps): Race-1: 1. Mazdayar Vatcha 19:05:873, 2. Vir Raina 19:24:326, 3. M. S. Ravindra 17:11:041; Race-2: 1. Mazdayar Vatcha 18:53:383, 2. Vir Raina 19:02:212, 3. M.S.Ravindra 19:10:560.

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