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Bangalore: Bangalore South emerged overall champion with 679 points in the State school swimming and diving championship which concluded here on Thursday.

The results (winners only): Boys: Under-17: 800m freestyle: Prasidh Kumar (B South) 9:52.77s; 200m backstroke: Mihir Ginde (Belgaum) 2:35.39; 50m breaststroke: Uday Nayak (DK) 35.63; 200m Ind. Medley: Mayur (B South) 2:35.81; 4x100m med. relay: Bangalore South 4:51.86; 400m freestyle: Prasidh Kumar (B South) 4:41.99; 200m butterfly: Shreyas (B South) 2:41.41; 200m breaststroke: Prajwal (B South) 2:55.01; 100m freestyle: Mayur (B South) 1:01.68; 400m IM: Prajwal (B South) 5:40.31; 200m freestyle: Prasidh Kumar (B South) 2:13.85; 100m backstroke: Mihir Ginde (Belgaum) 1:09.97; 50m butterfly: M.V. Balaji (B South) 29.81; 50m freestyle: B.C. Akash (B South) 27.27; 4x100m freestyle: Bangalore South 4:13.23; 50m backstroke: Mihir Ginde (Belgaum) 32.35; 100m breaststroke: Prajwal (B South) 1:20.18; 100m butterfly: Shreyas (B South) 1:10.49.

Under-14: 200m freestyle: K.S. Prajwal (B South) 2:14.07; 200m backstroke: Pranam (B South) 2:42.01; 50m breaststroke: Ritesh Suryavanshi (Belgaum) 39.79; 200m IM: M.D. Srinivas (B South) 2:49.60; 4x100m med. relay: Bangalore South 5:02.02; 200m butterfly: Karthik (B North) 2:41.07; 200m breaststroke: S.P. Likith (B South) 3:13.46; 100m freestyle: K.S. Prajwal (B South) 59.60; 400m freestyle: M.D. Srinivas (B South) 5:05.97; 100m backstroke: Pranam (B South), 1:15.47; 50m butterfly: Ajay (B South), 32.69; 100m butterfly: K.S. Prajwal (B South) 1:06.64; 50m backstroke: B. Pranam (B South) 35.26.

Girls: Under-17: 200m backstroke: Sanjana Bhat (Belgaum) 2:51.40; 50m breaststroke: Shivani (DK) 42.00; 200m IM: M. Pravallika (B South) 2:49.63; 4x100m med. relay: Bangalore South 6:11.55; 200m butterfly: Lakshmi (B North) 2:48.95; 200m breaststroke: G. Lavanya (B North) 3:13.27; 100m freestyle: Pravallika (B South) 1:08.69; 400m IM: Pravallika (B South) 6:01.16; 100m backstroke: Sanjana (Belgaum) 1:18.87; 50m butterfly: Shilpa (DK) 35.44; 4x100m freestyle: Belgaum 5:15.34; 50m backstroke: Sanjana Bhat (Belgaum) 35.95; 100m butterfly: Arpitha (Mandya) 1:33.94.

Under-14: 200m freestyle: C. Medha (B North) 2:28.89; 200m backstroke: S. Meghana (B South) 2:46.15; 50m breaststroke: Prajwala (B North) 40.42; 200m IM: Mena (B North) 2:50.45; 200m freestyle: C. Medha (B North) 2:28.89; 200m backstroke: Meghana (B South) 2:46.15; 50m breaststroke: Prajwala (B North) 40.42; 200m IM: B North 2:50.45; 4x100m med. relay: Bangalore North 5:32.87; 200m butterfly: K.N. Hamsa (Hassan) 3:15.30; 200m breaststroke: S. Prajwala (B North) 3:08.81; 100m freestyle: C. Medha (B North) 1:08.15; 400m freestyle: C.B. Medha (B North) 5:12.79; 100m backstroke: Meghana (B South) 1:16.27; 50m butterfly: K.N. Hamsa (Hassan) 36.30; 4x100m freestyle relay: Bangalore South 4:45.36; 50m backstroke: Meghana (B South) 36.52.

State junior badminton

Gulbarga will host the State junior (U-10, U-13 and U-16) badminton championship at the Chandrashekar Patil Stadium from Oct. 3 to 6. Entries close on Sept. 25. For details, contact N.C. Sudhir, Secretary, KBA, Jasma Bhavan Road, Bangalore (Ph: 22254756).

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