HYDERABAD: Manupal Godara scored seven goals to fashion Hampshire Plaza/ Artillery Combine’s 9-3-1/2 win over President’s Body Guard in the AP Tourism Trophy league match of the Hyderabad Polo Season at the Bison Polo grounds, here on Tuesday.

The winner, which started with a handicap of +4, dominated the game as Manupal was seen all over the ground with his speed and agility to come up with some special efforts. This +4 handicap player struck twice in the first chukker, thrice in the second and twice in the fourth chukker to hog the limelight. J.S. Shekhawat scored in the third and fourth chukkers.

The loser, which mostly comprised amateurs and started with a -1 handicap, faced the difficult task of either winning or even equalising against the rivals. The only consolation was the lone goal by Sameer Choudhary in the second chukker.

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