Raakesh Nataraj

Chennai: After a day of irascible weather during the practice races, the conditions relented to allow for a day of lively seafaring at the India International Regatta here on Monday.

Incongruous as it is to associate adjectives like ‘experienced’ with a pair of 15-year-olds, the Danish team of Kristian and Mathais again showed that their control and strategy were more than adequate compensation for their lack of knowledge of local conditions as they finished first in all three races of the day.

The four-lap 29er course was shifted to within the harbour as winds and swells in the open seas would have been too much for the relatively inexperienced fleet.

In the Optimist section, Ganapathy had a consistent day, finishing in the top three in all the races to stay on top of the rankings table.

Rufus took the gun in the first and third races, but an abysmal showing in the second race where he finished outside the top-10 meant that he will have to string together a run of consistent results till the discards kick in.

The results (29er): 1. Kristian and Mathias, 2. Aman Vyas and Sachin Singha, 3. Hussain and Nishanth.

Optimist: Race 1: 1. Rufus Patrick, 2. Ganapathy, 3. Ektha Yadav. Race 2: 1. Ganapathy, 2. Sankalp Kapur, 3. Ajay Baghel. Race 3: 1. Rufus Patrick, 2. Ganapathy, 3. Ekta Yadav.

Overall provisional results: 1. Ganapathy (5 pts), 2. Sankalp Kapur (11), 3. Rufus Patrick (14).

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