CHENNAI: The Central Council of the Tamil Nadu Football Association has told the Chennai Football Association to hold the ‘General Body meeting’ and conduct ‘elections’ on July 13 with fresh list of both nominations and club representatives.

The Council which met in Coimbatore on Saturday noted that CFA had gone against the TFA’s directions by holding a meeting on June 25 and conducting its General Body and elections when it had wanted CFA to defer it since issues relating to ‘active and inactive clubs’ had to be discussed first by the Central council at Coimbatore. Based on the TFA’s direction the CFA President C.R. Visswanathan had also sent a communication to all clubs that the scheduled June 25 meeting had been cancelled.

However, it may be recalled, 70 of the 90 active clubs of CFA came together and held the general body and also conducted the elections.

At the Coimbatore meeting, it is understood that ‘Secretary’ E. Sugumaran, who along with ‘President’ Ravi Kumar David had attended, expressed dissent at the Council’s decision. The discussion had ended there. Later on return to the city Mr. Sugumaran said that “over two thirds of the majority in the CFA had attended the meeting and the elections stand.”

The TFA council also took decisions to have adhoc committees to run the affairs in Thuthukodi and Pudukottai districts.

In all 28 members attended the meeting in addition to three special invitees. — Special Correspondent

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