Mumbai: The Indian Cricket League (ICL) has applied for recognition said Malcolm Speed, CEO, International Cricket Council (ICC), here on Wednesday.

“There are two parts to that. Until recently the ICL had never sought recognition from the ICC. About ten days ago lawyers acting on behalf of ICL contacted ICC and sought recognition.

We are awaiting advice from our lawyers on the issue and I expect within the next week or so we’ll respond to the ICL lawyers.

“The question has never been asked whether ICC will recognise ICL one way or another. It’s a fairly complicated legal issue and we are taking legal advice. It’s also a matter for those countries to work out whether they want to have those players (banned) back.

“The BCCI has never sent anything in writing to the ICC terming the ICL as unsanctioned or they don’t recognise it. Similarly the ICC has never been asked if it will recognise the IPL. The IPL doesn’t need ICC recognition because it’s a competition run by BCCI, just as English county cricket or Pura Cup (in Australia) doesn’t need ICC recognition,” he said.

The IPL, if executed properly, and if it is integrated into nation-versus-nation cricket, can be very successful.

Gavaskar’s role

On Sunil Gavaskar continuing as chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee, Mr Speed said: “He was appointed last year for a three-year term. The ICC board is concerned about his role as a commentator and journalist and it has decided that the chairman should be a non-practising journalist.

“Sunny accepts that and after the cricket committee meeting in May, he will make his choice. There are no guidelines at the moment.

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