BANGALORE: ANZ scored two wins on the opening day of the league matches in the inaugural Inter-Corporate 5-a-side football tournament that commenced here on Tuesday. ANZ first downed Fidelity 3-2 and trounced Sapient 4-1.

Other results: TCS bt Easiprocess 5-1; Accenture (A) drew Firepro Systems 0-0; Samsung drew AXA 2-2; Wipro bt Accenture (B) 3-0; EMC drew Omega 0-0; BuzzWorks bt UB 3-0; Tesco bt VM Ware 6-0; Northern Trust bt TCS (B) 3-2; SAP bt Accenture (B) 2-1; AXA bt First Source 2-1; IBM bt Dassault Systems 1-0; JP Morgan bt Wipro 2-1; Tesco bt Yokogawa 3-0; Easiprocess bt BuzzWorks 4-2; Dell Int. bt Dassault Systems 3-0; IBM bt Motorola 2-0; EMC drew TCS (B) 2-2; Jet Airways bt Yokogawa 4-2; SAP bt JP Morgan 3-1; Aditya Birla drew DBOI GS 2-2; First Source bt Deutsche Bank 7-0; VM Ware bt Jet Airways 2-0.

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