Ian Rogers

Sofia: World Champion Viswanathan Anand held with rock-solid play in the 10th game of his World title defence against Veselin Topalov.

Topalov probed for more than five hours to find a weakness in Anand's defence but was forced to concede a draw after 60 moves.

The verdict was a moral victory for Anand, whose opponent was forced to breach his pre-match declaration that he would not offer or accept draws, apparently an effort to prolong the games.

“I offered him a draw,” said Anand, “then he mumbled something and called over the arbiter and then accepted the draw.”

“I am not sure if there was a way for him to break through,” explained Anand, “but once my queenside pawns started rolling it was quite easy for me.”

The 11th game, with Anand holding the first move for the final time, will be played on Sunday.

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