The Chinnaswamy Stadium is all set for a tumultuous Sunday with the Karnataka State Cricket Association elections scheduled to commence in the afternoon.

Anil Kumble and Javagal Srinath are in the fray for the posts of president and secretary respectively and they will be pitted against the current president Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar and A.V. Jayaprakash.

With Kumble and a clutch of cricketers gaining the backing of the outgoing secretary Brijesh Patel's faction, the tussle for 24 posts has gained a high pitch while Wadiyar's camp hope that the scion of the Mysore royal family could repeat his heroics of 2007 when he defeated the legendary G.R. Viswanath.


Both camps exuded confidence and banked on the positive turn-out of members at the pre-election parties.

The number of votes is expected to be close to 1500 though it remains to be seen how many voters with an average age of 62, turn up and ink the ballot.

The run up to the elections has followed an unwritten code of decorum practised by both camps but a hint of bad blood seeped in the last few days following Vijay Mallya's adverse remarks against Wadiyar.

Mallya, who had earlier supported Wadiyar, is now aligned with the Brijesh Patel group and is backing Kumble's men.

In a strong rebuttal issued through a press conference here on Saturday evening, Wadiyar said that Mallya's statements were ‘misleading.'

Wadiyar also revealed a text message allegedly sent by Mallya on August 11, 2008 in which he had made critical comments about Brijesh Patel.

Wadiyar also stated that it was Mallya who made a counter-offer to sponsor the KSCA cricket academy when Akai was willing to step in.

“Mallya promised 10.4 crore over a period of five years but paid only 45 lakh!” Wadiyar said.

While allegations simmer in the background, Sunday will surely give a hint about where the KSCA is headed though both the factions have assured that irrespective of the verdict, the new committee will work as a team.

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