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NEW DELHI: In order to bring in more transparency and minimise errors in judging of bouts, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has made a few changes.

At the ongoing World championships in Milan, Italy, the running scores of the five judges are being displayed to keep the spectators, coaches and officials in the know about which way a bout is being scored.

The new system was the brainchild of AIBA President Ching Kuo Wu. When he got elected in Santo Domingo three years ago, he had promised the AIBA General Assembly that he would bring in more transparency in judging.

“The move has been appreciated by the boxers and the officials, who are now comfortable to see which judge has scored for whom. It has brought in trust and faith into the system,” Indian Boxing Federation (IBF) Secretary Col. P.K. Muralidharan Raja, who is a Jury member at the World championships, said in a statement from Milan.

The AIBA has also decided that referees and judges for all major competitions such as the Olympics, World championships, continental games and confederation championships will be selected and nominated by the apex body from its list of three-star referees and judges panel. Their airfare and board and lodging expenses would be borne by the international body.

This is to ensure that only the best referees and judges get to officiate in the elite meets. AIBA referees and judges, who have got two and one-star ratings, would be upgraded on the basis of their performance in other AIBA-designated competitions.

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