Maharashtra’s seventh-seeded Aditya Mittal upset Goa’s third seed Leon Mendoca and maintained his lead with 8.5 points from nine rounds in the 27th National under-7 chess championship in Pune on Tuesday. Meanwhile, fifth-seeded Aaryan Singh jolted the top-seeded Dev Shah in the day’s big surprise.

In the girls’ section, Tamil Nadu’s M.S. Darsana suffered her first loss, against her Statemate B. Aswatha, but still held on to the lead with eight points.

The results (ninth round): Leon Mendoca (Goa, 7) lost to Aditya Mittal (Mah, 8.5); S. Aditya Samant (Mah, 6.5) drew with Arya Bhakta (WB, 7.5); Athalye Varad (Mah, 6) lost to Shahil Dey (Asm, 7.5); Aaryan Singh (UP, 7) bt Dev Shah (Mah, 6); P. Vedant Kumbakonam (TN, 6) lost to L. Samyak (TN, 7); Nikhil Magizhnan (TN, 6) drew with Prajval Koli (Mah, 6); Sagnik Chakraborty (WB, 6) drew with Sreevijay Sunil (TN, 6); Shresh A. Dhandewal (Mah, 5.5) drew with S. Arjun Sidharth (Pon, 5.5).

Girls: B. Aswatha (TN, 7) bt M.S. Darsana (TN, 8); Sanskruti Wankhade (Mah, 7.5) drew with Kaamya Negi (Del, 6.5); Mahi Amit Doshi (Guj, 6) lost to S. Boramanikar Tanisha (Mah, 7); Bhagyashree G. Patil (Kar, 7) bt N. Yashavishree (TN, 6); Avanthika Finesh (TN, 5) lost to Kirti Mayur Patel (Mah, 6.5).

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