KOTTAYAM: Thiruvananthapuram paddlers P. Adarsh and Anju K. Thomas have been given the top billing in the men's and women's sections respectively in the 44th all-Kerala Open prize-money table tennis tournament to be held at the YMCA hall here from Saturday.

Though a part of the 2005-06 Kerala TT calendar, this is the first tournament to be held in the State in the New Year.

Over 125 players have entered their names for the competitions in the various sections.

The rankings: Men: 1. P. Adarsh (Tvm), 2. Jais Stephen (Tvm) & M.R. Rajeev (Tsr), 4. C.J.Balaji (Tvm), 5. Arun Raj (Ekm), 6. Manoj Varghese (Ekm), 7. S. Sreeraj (Tvm), 8. R. Rajesh (Tvm) & D. Biju (Ekm).

Boys: Juniors: 1. Shyam Narayan (Alp), 2. Naveen Kurien (Wyd), 3. Anjelo Porathur (Tsr), 4. Mathew N. Mathew (Kzde). Sub-juniors: 1. Vishnu Narayan (Alp), 2. Sundar (Alp), 3. Sarath V. Joy (Alp), 4. Johinson James (Wyd). Cadet: 1. Rahul Binu (Alp), 2.M. Unnikrishnan (Tvm), 3. Akilesh Viswanath (Ekm).

Women:1. Anju K. Thomas (Tvm), 2. Aparna D. Nair (Tvm), 3. Meenu Raj (Tvm) & Lakshmi Vijayan (Tvm), 5. M.R. Ranjana (Tsr), 6. Lakshmi Prabha (Tsr), Sruthi Ranjith (Kzde) & Anjana Gopal (Kzde).

Girls: Juniors: 1.Lakshmi Prabha (Kzde), 2. Chris Winnie James (Idk), 3. Adheena Lathif (Idk) & Nice Olive James (Idk). Sub-juniors: 1. Sikha Jacob (Alp), 2. C. Ibthisam (Kzde), 3.Reshma Susan (Ekm). Cadet: 1. Reshma Susan (Ekm), 2. Mari Rony (Alp), 3. G. Gayathri (Ekm), Sivangi Raj (Ekm) & Rudra Chandran (Tvm).

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