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GENERAL / Mushin Labeeb, Suhail give him a tough challenge

Winning EFFORT:B. Abin, who set a new meet record in the senior boys' long jump at the Kerala State Schools athletics meet on Wednesday.— Photo: S. Mahinsha
Winning EFFORT:B. Abin, who set a new meet record in the senior boys' long jump at the Kerala State Schools athletics meet on Wednesday.— Photo: S. Mahinsha

The long jump pit was the focus of attention for the second day running in the State Schools athletic meet at the University stadium here on Wednesday before B. Abin (Mar Basil HSS, Kothamangalam) found his rhythm to ward off his rivals’ challenge and reduce the existing meet mark in the senior boys’ section to a thing of the past.

The medium-sized Abin kept his cool in a competition which seemed to be dictated by two Malappuram boys — V. Mushin Labeeb and P.V. Suhail — before he dug deep into his reserves to set the lone meet mark of the second day.

Foul jumps

The competition, overall, was marked by too many foul jumps and as it progressed into the final round, it seemed that Labeeb was the firm favourite for the gold medal.

Labeeb, a student of Navamkunda HSS, Thirunavaya, had the best jump in the opening sequence which had as many 31 jumpers in the fray.

The lanky Labeeb had started with an effort of 7.11m before coming up with two successive fouls. But this was sufficient to put him in the lead ahead of Abin, whose best in the initial round was 6.97m off his first attempt.

Suhail gave a new twist to the final round as he shot into the lead with a leap of 7.22m and rewrote in the process the existing meet mark of 7.21m created by Geobin Clement in 2003.

However, he could not sustain the momentum through the next two rounds, fouling both his attempts.

This poor showing was also to cost Suhail the title as Abin seized the opportunity to make his way ahead in the sixth round with a brilliant 7.25m and then followed this up by improving the mark with a good second straight jump that measured 7.38m.

Intense final round

Labeeb, in his second attempt of the final round, had an effort 7.15m marked against his name but like Suhail blew up his chances for the gold medal, fouling his last and final trial. However, the intensity of the trio’s competition was undoubtedly the highlight of the day even as overall quality of the day’s events seemed to have taken a dip when compared to the opening day.

None of the winners in the six sections could make a definite impact as seen in the timings recorded on the day.

And it clearly indicated the failure of the coaches and administrators to stem the rot which had set into Kerala’s sprinting through the years.

Quite similar were the results of the other events gone through during the course of the day, though it should be mentioned that three athletes — P.U. Chitra, Shaharbana Sidhique and K. Sneha — other than the long jump trio did catch the attention finishing with a golden double each.

The results (all finals):

Boys: Seniors: 100m: 1. P.Mohammed Shershad (KHS, Kumaramputhur, Pkd), 2. M.N. Nasumudheen (SGHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 3. A.M. Abdus Samed (SAI, Tsr), (11.11s). 400m hurdles: 1. V. Ajmal Ridwan (Ideal EHSS, Kadakassery, Mlpm), 2. K.Rahul (HS, Mundur, Pkd), 3. T.S. Sankar Das (KHS, Kumaramputhur, Pkd), (55.97s). Long jump: 1. B. Abin (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 2. P.V. Suhail (KMGVHSS, Tavanur, Mlpm), 3.V. Muhsin Labeeb (NHSS, Thirunavaya, Mlpm), (7.28m – New Meet Record; Old Record – 7.21m, Geobin Clement, 2003. Javelin throw: 1. K.Tony Mathew (GVRSS, Tvm), 2. V.K.Akesh Kumar (GVRSS, Tvm), 3. M. Jestin John (VCSHSS, Puthenvellikkara, Ekm), (54.47m). 5km walk: 1.Joseph Antony (SGHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 2. Eldhose Jose (SSHSS, Keerampara, Ekm), 3. Ginu Thankappan (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), (22.48.70).

Juniors: 100m: 1.Anand Raj (SGHSS,Kothamangalam, Ekm), 2. A.G. Rakhil (KHS, Kumaramputhur, Pkd), 3.V.P.Abdul Hameed (KHS, Kumaramputhur, Pkd), (11.24s). High jump: 1. V.V.Aswan (HS Parli, Pkd), 2. Manu Francis (SPHSS, Koonammavu, Ekm), 3.E.S. Abi Mon (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), (1.90m). Discus throw: 1. Jennis Xavier (GVRSS, Tvm), 2. Sachin Paul Biju (SJEHSS, Bathery, Wyd), 3. Shijo Mathew (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), (35.83m).

Sub-juniors: 100m: 1.Muhammed Sahinoor (SGHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 2. T.Sujith (BSSGHSS, Alathur, Pkd), 3.Babu (SSHSS, Palluruthy, Ekm), (12.30s). Shot put: 1.P.Rabeeh (CHMHS, Pookolathur, Mlpm), 2. Muhammad Ibrahim (MBUPS, Koliyadi, Wyd), 3.Lenin Joseph (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), (12.63m).

Girls: Seniors: 100m: 1. A.P.Shelda (ABVHSS, Muhamma, Alp), 2. P.M. Anju (HS Parli, Pkd), 3.A.P.Shilbi (ABVHSS, Muhamma, Alp), (12.53s). 5000m: 1. P.U. Chitra (HS Mundur, Pkd), 2.K.K.Vidhya (HS Mundur, Pkd), 3.Geethu Mohanan (STHSS, Erattayar, Idk), (17:44.03). 400m hurdles: 1. P.Merlin (SAI, Tsr), 2. V.V. Jisha (HS Parli, Pkd), 3. Jaisrani Sebastian (CSH, Ktm), (1:03.51). Shot put: 1. Athira Muraleedharan (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 2. Neenu Thomas (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 3. V.G. Sanithi (GVRSS, Tvm), (11.22m). 5km walk: 1.A.M. Binsy (MPHSS, Maniyur, Kzde), 2.A.S.Akshaya (HS Parli, Pkd), 3.Praveena Babu (SJHSS, Pulloovampara, Kzde), (25:46.12).

Juniors: 100m: 1. Shaharbana Sidhique (AMHS, Poovambayi, Kzde), 2. Soumya Varghese (SMHS, Thattampally, Alp), 3.Reshma Sabu (SMHSS, Thattampally, Alp), (12.78s). Long jump: 1. Aswathy Shajan (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 2.U.Rugma Udayan (GVGHSS, Chittur, Pkd), 3.E.R.Ranjuka (SGHSS, Kulathuvayal, Kzde), (5.30m). Javelin throw: 1. Gopika Narayanan (SGHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 2. P.B.Stella (MBHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 3. Delpha Mary Mathew (SGHSS, Kulathuvayal, Kzde), (33.10m).

Sub-juniors: 100m: 1. K.Sneha (AMHS, Poovambayi, Kzde), 2. M.Anjana (HS Parli, Pkd), 3. U. Sreelakshmi (MNKMHSS, Chttilancheri, Pkd), (13.38S). High jump: 1. Anjaly V. Krishnan (CKMHSS, Koruthodu, Ktm), 2. K.A.Simna (OLFGHS, Mathilakam, Tsr), 3. K. Rubeena (MUHS, Orakam, Mlpm), (1.41m). Discus throw: 1. C. Pavithra (HS Parli, Pkd), 2. P.A. Ranju (SGHSS, Kothamangalam, Ekm), 3.K.Nasla (MKHMMOVHSS, Mukkam, Kzde), (22.74m).

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