He played his cricket bravely. “It is in my blood,” Mohinder Amarnath would say when narrating us stories of his cricket conquests.

Nothing irritated him more than timidity on the field. Bowl a bouncer, Amarnath will hook. When he was appointed as a National selector, with an assurance of a four-year term, Amarnath accepted the assignment with sincerity. But soon he felt extraneous pressures and lamented the decline in the system. He was perturbed with a particular force dictating things.

Need for change

When the team was struggling in Australia, Amarnath was convinced the team needed a change at the top. “A captain must justify his place. Dhoni doesn’t. Often he allows the game to drift with his defensive tactics. A captain has to be aggressive and lead from the front. My reasons were cricketing and nothing personal against him,” Amarnath insisted.

The former India all-rounder claimed he had the support of all the other selectors. “We were united on removing Dhoni as captain.”

What hurt Amarnath most was the lack of support from many of his former colleagues. It was evident that Amarnath was not enjoying the job. “It can be suffocating,” he had remarked once.

“I will work with dignity. If it means losing my selection assignment, so be it. I am chilling (in Goa),” his infectious laughter conveying his relief.

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