As World Cup football takes centre stage in Germany with all its grandeur and ethos, a yearning to be directly associated with the game as a team grows. Though almost surreal, we seize this opportunity to dream of participating in the global event where everyone can be friends without fretting over issues of religion, caste, language or politics. As we celebrate the festival of human spirit, we hope that perhaps next time, a nation of a billion people will be represented in one of the greatest sporting events.

Sutirtha Sahariah,
New Delhi

* * *

Marathon fame Budhia Singh has proved that there are heroes among the downtrodden in India. But no government has taken measures to uplift this section. Many of its agencies come forward to adopt the odd one like Budhia, leaving the rest to rags. This is perhaps why India has not been able to produce a perfect football team. What a pity to see Indian football fans offering rituals and praying for other countries' success!

V. Shivaji Kumar,

Paralakhemundi, Orissa

* * *

I am fascinated to see a nation like ours, which eats, drinks and sleeps cricket transform with the onset of the World Cup. It just shows what real media power is. I hope the frenzy does not turn violent at any point of time.

Manikandan Ramachandran,