The Supreme Court’s order releasing Binayak Sen from prison on bail is commendable. It is a triumph for the rights activists and a vindication of Dr. Sen’s devotion to the cause of human rights.

Even in the face of intimidatory tactics used by the crushing state machinery, he has remained resolute in his fight for social justice and equity.

His steely insistence on continuing his fight reminds us of Hemingway’s immortal words: “Man may be destroyed but he cannot be defeated.”

G. David Milton,


Dr. Sen’s release is a vindication of the fight against the curtailment of human rights through draconian laws which legitimise illegal detentions. The Supreme Court has, time and again, come to the rescue of rights activists.

But what happens to the many innocent victims detained by the authorities who, in their frustration to show instant results, misuse the draconian laws? Will the new government take a more humanitarian view of the aspect?

Kasim Sait,