The Indian Olympic Association’s decision to suspend the Indian Hockey Federation for bringing discredit to the nation and the game is a step in the right direction. The credibility of the federation was reduced to zero after the Jothikumaran episode. Close on the heels of the hockey team’s failure to make it to the Olympics, it was an eloquent pointer to the rot that had crept into the organisation. A thorough revamp of the governing body was inevitable in the interests of the game.

P. Prasand Thampy,


* * *

April 28, 2008 was a magnificent Monday for Indian sports. While Harbhajan was at last reined in, the IOA suspended the IHF. The IOA should have cracked the whip as soon as India lost to China at Doha. Better late than never.

N. Mahadevan,


* * *

We are thankful to the IOA for removing K.P.S. Gill from the helm. Indian hockey was destroyed during his tenure. Star players like Dhanraj Pillay were humiliated. We hope Indian hockey will soon regain its lost glory.

Bijay Singh,


* * *

The unsavoury incidents and controversies in various sporting activities across the world have undermined the unifying spirit of sports.

The doping controversy involving top U.S. athletes (all gold medallists in previous Olympics); controversies involving sports administrators of Formula 1 and hockey; allegations of match-fixing in tennis; under-preparation of pitches to favour home teams in cricket; glitz and glamour in a cricket format in which greed takes centre stage; the slapping of a fellow player … all these and more are proof that sports in the new era holds little charm.

Agneta Ghose & Arijit Ghose,