The disruption of the Railway budget in Parliament by the NDA-led Opposition deserves the strongest condemnation. The Opposition could have raised the Quattrocchi extradition issue after the presentation. Mr. Prasad deserves praise for presenting the budget, unmindful of the noise and din.

V. Pandy,

While watching the presentation of the budget on television, one could not help feeling that the Opposition misuses democracy.

Whatever the reason, the NDA members had no right to disrupt the proceedings by shouting at the top of their voices.

Y. Nagarajan,

One must appreciate the manner in which Mr. Prasad went about his business of presenting the budget with single-minded dedication. With the noise in the Lok Sabha creating an ambience of a railway station, the unperturbed Railway Minister presented the passenger-friendly budget in a smooth manner.

S. Venugopalan,