The emancipation of the people of Tibet is a historical landmark. The condition of the Tibetans up to the late 1950s under the yoke of the Dalai Lamas and their feudal kulak nobility was primitive. As N. Ram has pointed out in his article “Celebrating social emancipation in Tibet” (March 28), the patient efforts by the CPC led to the liberation of the enslaved Tibetan peasantry and toiling classes. They were put on the path of economic empowerment, free from the suppression of a theocratic state. The drumbeating supporters of the retrograde Dalai Lama would do better to serve the cause of not only the free Tibetans but also the entire toiling humanity.

Kasim Sait,



If nothing but good has come out of the Chinese control of Tibet, why have thousands of Tibetan refugees fled China for other countries, claiming persecution and various forms of suppression?

R. Raj Kumar,