This refers to the editorial “The question of Tibet” (March 26). India has been following a pro-West foreign policy in recent times. When Kosovo declared independence from Serbia, the External Affairs Ministry remained tight-lipped as though it was a trivial development. And now, when there is hullabaloo in the media over Tibet, our leaders are playing to the tunes of the West. We are aware that Kashmir would not have been in such a shoddy situation had it not been for the West’s tacit support to Pakistan.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin,


The editorial quite rightly says no solution that results in the break-up of the various provinces of China can ever be acceptable on the Tibet question. But it could have thrown more light on the reasons for China’s continued outbursts against the Dalai Lama even after he has repeatedly supported the integrity of China and asked for more dialogue on the Tibetan question.

S. Nityananda,


The Kashmir and the Tibet issues cannot be compared. Any development in Kashmir is open to scrutiny by free media. Every mature country must learn to respect diversity and instil in the ethnic minorities a sense of belonging by walking the extra mile.

Daman Prakash Rathod,


If the mayhem in Tibet was started by a few monks, why did the Chinese government prevent the foreign media from entering Tibet? Whatever happens in China is always shrouded in mystery. Unless a free press is allowed to function effectively there, Beijing will continue to be accused even if it is right.

R. Venkita Giri,


The Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama is only emotionally blackmailing his followers when he says he will resign if violence continues in Tibet (March 26). He should ask his followers to stop the violence, accept China as their country (of which Tibet is an integral, although autonomous, part) and strive wholeheartedly for the success of the Beijing Olympics. Since “most of the Tibetan protesters are ideologically Communists,” they should have no problem opting for the dialogue route to voice their protests.

Col. C.V. Venugopalan (retd.),


The Dalai Lama has endorsed the futility of the continuing violence in Tibet by repeating his threat to quit. The Tibetan turmoil will have to be solved only through dialogue between him and the Chinese government. India too should denounce violence in its neighbourhood. It should not allow its territory to be used for violent protests against any country. There are democratic ways of protesting.

Salin Thomas,