This refers to the editorial “A persistent issue” (Dec. 2) on the Telangana statehood question. The meticulously planned and enacted “fast-unto-death” drama of K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Telangana Rashtra Samithi leader, revealed his desire for power. The people of Andhra Pradesh are not for bifurcating the State. Action should be taken against Mr. Rao for causing public nuisance.

Ippili Santhosh Kumar,


It is time to assess whether small States lead to better financial management and efficient governance. The strength of the Legislative Assemblies in such States is likely to range between 40 and 90. Even if a few MLAs switch sides, the government collapses. Large States have a better capacity for pooling resources and generating internal revenue. The small and economically weak States become increasingly dependent on the Centre for funds. This perpetuates the Centre’s interference and dominance, which is a threat to federalism. Unfortunately, Telangana has been the victim of political opportunism. The latest agitation is no exception.

A.K. Dasgupta,


Andhra Pradesh should not be broken up, based on parochial considerations. But if it becomes inevitable, let Telangana be separated and Hyderabad made a Centrally Administered Area which both Telangana and the rest of the State can have as capital.

G.M. Rama Rao,


When important issues like global warming and economic recession have come to the fore, are issues like statehood for Telangana worth consideration?

Students, who are jeopardising their career by supporting such an issue, would be of immense help and be benefited if they help or urge governments to focus on issues like renewable energy resources, which create opportunities and help mankind survive.

Balaji Kunjeti,


The editorial says a political consensus should be evolved on the issue. During the recent Assembly elections, all major political parties took a stand in favour of statehood for Telangana. Vested interests have succeeded in blocking the moves towards the creation of a new state.

The creation of a Telangana state will only redraw the administrative boundaries without disturbing the socio-economic integrity of Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, there is a huge body of evidence demonstrating that newly-created States are developing fast.

Snehith Sankineni,


The Congress leaders in Andhra Pradesh should stop wishing away a gigantic issue that has been staring them in the face for decades, and the Central leadership should take the matter more seriously and assure the people of Telangana that their fears and anxieties will be attended to. The injustices of the past are mainly due to the vast difference in educational levels between the regions and insensitivity to the problems of the backward masses.

S.B.V.R. Shastry,