I read with interest the informative editorial “Sri Lanka: what needs to be done” (Oct. 18). It is really sad that no lasting solution has been found to the ethnic strife in the island nation that has been torn apart by decades of war. Unfortunately, the Tamils of Sri Lanka are bearing the brunt of the LTTE’s extremist character.

K. Srinivasan,


I appreciate The Hindu’s boldness in representing the views of millions of its readers on the LTTE. Now that the war in Sri Lanka is almost over, New Delhi should help Colombo recover from the terrible tragedy the island has suffered since 1983.

If the political administration is based on the Indian model, it will bring peace and prosperity within a united Sri Lanka.

P.V.D. Paul,


The political parties of Tamil Nadu have not done well by issuing a deadline to the Centre to bring about a ceasefire in Sri Lanka. It amounts to interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Of course, New Delhi can express its concern over the safety of the Sri Lankan Tamils and extend humanitarian assistance.

With President Mahinda Rajapaksa assuring Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that all efforts would be made to render assistance to the Tamils affected by the war, we should treat the matter as closed.

B. Vishwanatha Rao,


We fail to understand why the parties are extending overt support to the LTTE which is a dreaded terrorist organisation, whose chief V. Prabakaran is the prime accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case and which has been banned in most countries. Though there is an immediate need to protect the Tamil speaking population in Sri Lanka, indiscreet support to the LTTE cannot be appreciated.

Nemani Vivekananda Rao,


I fully endorse the views expressed by R. Raja (Letters, Oct. 20). As one who grew up in Sri Lanka, I can say with conviction that once the LTTE is crippled, the Sinhalese will show their true colours towards the minority Tamils.

We have, in the past, seen many peace processes fail because of pressure from different quarters. Of course, there are moderate Sinhalese political leaders who want to extend legitimate rights to the Tamils: but their efforts are scuttled by the Sinhala chauvinists.

M. Sensiluvai,


If the Sri Lankan army is given a free hand, it will decimate the Tamils. That is why informed opinion among the Tamils is against a military solution to the ethnic conflict. Killing innocent Tamils cannot be countenanced for the sake of crushing the LTTE supremo. To avert huge civilian casualties, the use of army has to be tempered.

N. Hariharan,