This refers to the editorial "Tamil Nadu and LTTE menace" (Feb. 22). Terrorism cannot be accepted as a legitimate instrument to achieve any objective. The LTTE brand of terrorism is particularly dangerous. It does not tolerate others something its leader has proved time and again by eliminating fellow Tamil leaders. Rajiv Gandhi's killing is a stark reminder of his ruthlessness. In view of the fact that the Tigers still have sympathisers among many political parties of Tamil Nadu, the Centre should handle the LTTE issue independently.

S. Rajagopalan,
San Ramon, California

After Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, the LTTE's activities were under control for many years. But a sudden inflow of refugees and the burning situation in Sri Lanka should have alerted the authorities in Tamil Nadu and the Centre. As pointed out by Defence Minister A.K. Antony, the arms haul off Chennai may be the tip of the iceberg. It is unfortunate that we are still reacting to situations, despite the advancement in technology. Only a proactive approach with target-oriented plans will help to contain terror-related activities. A close watch on the LTTE sympathisers in Tamil Nadu should be kept. There is a world of difference between bomb detection and a blast. The spate of recent seizures should drive the authorities to neutralise the threat before anything big happens.

N. Ravi,

With the LTTE on the run, it seems to have no place other than Tamil Nadu to turn to for support. Many regional parties in the State are also not averse to lending support to the outfit in one way or the other. Political leaders should draw a clear line between support to the cause of Tamils in Sri Lanka and support to the Tigers.

Rajesh Padmanabhan,