The article unfairly describes the sympathisers of Sri Lankan Tamils as pro-LTTE. Has India really stayed out of Sri Lanka’s internal affairs since 1991?

Does not providing technical support to the Sinhalese forces and economic aid to its government amount to interference?

K.B. Rajaguru,


* * *

Successive Sri Lankan governments have not been sincere in devolving power to the Tamils. It is surprising that the author is outraged at the moral support extended to the Tamils in Sri Lanka, while supporting the actions of the government unconditionally.

The fate of Sri Lankan Tamils should not be held hostage to the supposed misdeed of one person or organisation. And the support for them should not be misconstrued as support for a particular organisation.

E. Ramesh,


* * *

The article was excellent and well written. But it overlooks an important point — the recent statement by the Sri Lankan army chief, Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala nation.

One should not forget that it was Sinhala chauvinism and brutality that led to Tamil extremism in the first place. The Sinhala polity would do well to understand that chauvinism and terrorism go together.

Nanda Kumar,