It is shocking that a democracy likeIndia can even think ofencouraging the army chief of aneighbouring country to defy aduly elected Prime Minister andhis Cabinet, notwithstanding thelack of political consensus ("India'sNepal policy in disarray," May 7).Will it not set a bad precedent andsend wrong signals to the vestedinterests in our country? Are westill in the grip of the decadentfeudal royalty, which movedheaven and earth in conjunctionwith one of our regressive politicalparties to preserve a theocraticHindu state in Nepal? Our civilsociety should mobilise support topressure the next government tolay off the internal affairs of Nepal.

Kasim Sait,



The current scenario in our countryand the neighbourhood calls fora mature response from our polity.All our neighbours are in the midstof some political turmoil. Internally,we are facing a severe economicdownturn. It may get aggravated ifthe election throws up a hung parliament.It will, therefore, be advisableon the part of all politicalparties to consider a national governmentat the Centre with aswide a consensual representationas possible. This alone seems to bethe way out of the multiple crisesthe nation faces now.

Shahabuddin Nadeem,