By making claims and counter-claims over the shielding of the former Haryana DGP, S.P.S. Rathore — sentenced to six months in prison and fined Rs.1000 for molesting a young girl who later committed suicide — which led to an inordinate delay of 19 years to get a verdict, parties in the State are giving a political colour to the tragedy. Allegations of partisanship and according protection to Rathore apart, the crucial question is why our criminal procedural law is infected with loopholes which cause such delays in convicting the accused.

After nearly two decades, it is the Magistrate’s court that has convicted Rathore. He can still go on appeal. God knows whether the punishment will ever be enforced. The focus of our politicians ought to be on removing the obstacles in the criminal justice system rather than on blaming one another.

Hemant Kumar,


The fact that a police official could play with the life of a young girl and her family using the support of our elected members and the bureaucracy is shocking. Worse, they indulge in a blame game after being exposed. One wonders what is the use of a system that could not give punishment commensurate with the crime of a man who drove a girl to her death.

V. Krishnamoorthy,